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entitlement-reform-justice court capitol washington congress democrats 2

Could Entitlement Reform Really Happen in 2019?

health-care-preexisting-conditions-obamacare 2

Harmonious Thought on Preexisting Conditions – in a Discordant Time

pensions retirement money work retire AMAC 14

AMAC Offers the Facts of Life For Would-Be Retirees in the 21st Century

Capitol Building Obamacare democrats sanctuary health care senator corporate tax rate spending Samaritan congress seniors medicare part d 8

Largest Conservative Seniors’ Organization Calls on Congress to Address Challenges Facing Medicare Part D

exercise seniors fitness program protection 27

AMAC Urges Seniors to Enter Into a ‘Fitness Protection Program’

Mn-06 townhall meeting AMAC Town halls 12

AMAC Town Halls in Full Swing

social security bill

Senate Passes AMAC-Supported Social Security Bill

FISA spying Clinton funded dossier seniors medical testing AMAC town hall swing 6

AMAC Signs Coalition Letter To Protect Medical Testing For Seniors

older Americans grandchildren children seniors values senior citizens 3

AMAC Foundation Working to Enrich Seniors’ Lives


AMAC Representatives Meet with Tennessee Rep. Fleischmann