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AMAC Action Weekly Advocacy Update: Big Win Against Woke Banking

Posted on Friday, May 24, 2024
by AMAC Action

AMAC Members Contribute to Victory Against Woke Banking

This week, JP Morgan Chase (JPMC), the world’s largest bank, held its annual investors meeting. At that meeting, a conservative shareholder withdrew a resolution requiring the company to report on how its policies might discriminate against employees and customers based on their political or religious views, citing concrete efforts by the bank to de-politicize its culture and business practices.

This turnaround from JP Morgan Chase comes following a coordinated campaign last year from AMAC Action, the Free Enterprise Project, and the Alliance Defending Freedom to pressure the bank to stop targeting conservative companies and individuals. AMAC Action launched a call-to-action campaign from April through September of last year where AMAC members sent more than 91,000 messages to key executives at JPMC telling them to stop abusing the civil rights of their customers.

Notably, prior to AMAC Action’s messaging effort, JP Morgan Chase had denied financial services to firearms manufacturers, taken steps toward divesting from oil and gas companies, and without explanation blocked payments and closed accounts associated with conservative individuals and organizations, including the National Committee for Religious Freedom, former U.S. Ambassador Sam Brownback, and retired General Michael Flynn, Jr.

Now, following the nationwide outcry from AMAC members, in its most recent climate report, JP Morgan Chase made an explicit commitment to serving customers “regardless of political, social or religious viewpoints.”

AMAC Action Senior Vice President Andy Mangione said, “I believe our members’ overwhelming response to this campaign shows how they recognize that corporate wokeness tramples all over our civil rights as consumers. AMAC members made it clear that they do not want wokeness anywhere near a boardroom.”

In addition to advocating for state and federal laws that align with its members’ values, AMAC Action is also committed to holding large corporations accountable for betraying the trust of their customers and advancing a far-left political agenda. Woke banking is a particularly sinister threat, as it threatens to de-stabilize the American economy and endangers the financial security of millions of American citizens who want their hard-earned dollars invested with profits, not politics, in mind.

In the months and years ahead, AMAC Action will continue to monitor the actions of JP Morgan Chase and other banks to ensure they continue to follow through on promises to end their persecution of conservative employees and customers.

Legislation and Policy Support

AMAC Joins Letter Demanding DOJ Response to Antisemitism on College Campuses

The DOJ’s continued silence regarding the outbreak of antisemitism on college campuses is unacceptable. Last year, Advancing American Freedom led a letter to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Department of Education (DOE) regarding the spike in antisemitic vandalism, harassment, and violence across the United States particularly on college campuses. To date, a response was received from DOE but not from DOJ. Important questions must be answered: What steps are DOE and DOJ taking to ensure the physical safety of Jews/pro-Israel students, faculty, and staff on campuses? What are DOE and DOJ doing to ensure that students and non-students on campus who harass, harm, and assault Jews/pro-Israel students, faculty, and staff are properly disciplined? There must be accountability and AMAC Action and Advancing American Freedom demand an answer! Read the coalition letter of support.

AMAC Joins a Letter to Oppose SNAP Product Restrictions

In a time when Americans are struggling to feed themselves and their families due to Bidenomics, AMAC and fellow signatories sent a letter in opposition to product restrictions on eligible grocery items covered under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Having the federal government pick and choose what consumers can buy would be a significant overreach. Additionally, consumers, whether they are SNAP beneficiaries or not, should be allowed to make their own educated decisions in determining for themselves what foods and beverages to serve their families. They should not be subjected to top-down directives from policymakers and bureaucrats in Washington. Click here to read the coalition letter of opposition.

H.R. 8281 and S. 4292 – Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act

Being a citizen guarantees certain rights and one of the most important is the right to vote and decide who will represent your community in the federal government. Secure elections are the cornerstone of our republic. If the American people don’t have confidence in the system—or think that non-citizens will cancel out their ballot—they won’t vote. Americans will be more engaged if they have confidence in the process and result of elections, and that engagement is essential for our constitutional republic to work. Click here to read AMAC Action’s letter of support.


May 20 Candidate Forum: CO-06 Delegate Sheri Tuffield hosted an in-person forum for the candidates for U.S. Representative for Colorado District 6. Both the incumbent, Jason Crow (D), and the challenger, Joe Fabbricatore (R), were invited. However, only Mr. Fabbricatore chose to attend. It was a lively evening with lots of time for questions from AMAC members and invited friends.

May 21 Chapter Meeting: KS-04 Delegate Barb Schwerman hosted the chapter meeting. KS-04 Delegate Don Henry provided a briefing on his recent trip to Washington, DC and U.S. Representative Bill Rhiley gave a presentation on Kansas state taxes.

May 23 Candidate Forum: AZ-06 Delegate Pamela Furrie hosted a virtual candidate forum for AMAC members. Candidates Kari Lake and Sheriff Mark Lamb are running for U.S. Senator from Arizona. Over 600 AMAC members watched Pam question the candidates and heard each one’s argument on how they would best serve the people of Arizona. It was a highly anticipated event and very informative.


Support for Louisiana HB 608 – Women’s Safety and Protection Act

The Women’s Safety and Protection Act is a crucial piece of legislation that seeks to safeguard the privacy and security of women in various spaces such as locker rooms, changing facilities, school restrooms, prisons, and domestic violence facilities and keep them free from biological males. If you live in Louisiana, we ask that you contact your Senator and urge them to support HB 608.

Tell Your Senator to Oppose the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty!

As citizens deeply concerned about the future of our nation, we must rally against the World Health Organization’s proposed pandemic treaty scheduled for May 2024. While international collaboration helps combat global health threats, this treaty poses significant risks to America’s sovereignty and ability to respond effectively to crises. Following the Biden Administration’s inadequate response to COVID-19 and the WHO’s mishandling of the pandemic, Americans must take action to prevent further violations of personal liberties and freedoms. Tell your Senator to vote NO on the WHO pandemic treaty!

Stop Non-Citizens from Voting in America’s Elections!

The Biden Administration has allowed millions of people to enter the United States illegally and given them a pathway to vote in our elections. This orchestrated effort by the Biden Administration to corrupt our elections and install Democrats as a uniparty must be stopped. Please contact your Congressman or woman today and compel them to stop non-citizens from voting in America’s elections.

Action ☆ Academy 

Discover what conservatives fight to conserve in Conservative 101, a free course available online through The Leadership Institute.

Another great (and free!) course is Beyond Facebook and X (Twitter): Engaging Audiences on Other Social Networks

Quote of the Week

“We’re at the point where the obvious needs to be explained.”

― Jordan Peterson in a conversation with Eric Metaxas about morality

Fight to save the America we love! If you’d like to become a volunteer AMAC Action Delegate, please contact us at (855) 809-6976 or [email protected].

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1 month ago

JP Morgan Chase had also closed suddenly the account of Dr. Joseph Mercola, a noted supporter of integrity and honesty including denouncing the covid/vaccine charade. They did so without informing him simply because he asked the hard questions. Think on that.

David Millikan
David Millikan
1 month ago

Excellent job AMAC members.

K. Martin
K. Martin
1 month ago

Thank you.

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