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AMAC Action Weekly Advocacy Update – Justice John Marshall

Posted on Friday, December 15, 2023
by AMAC Action
AAWU amac action update

December 2023 By the Numbers (to date) 

  •        Number of AMAC Action Army of Advocates: ~361,531
  •        5 Chapter Meetings held 
  •        7 Political Inquiry Answered by AMAC Action Staff

Chapter Meeting Activity 

Completed: Dec   5, 2023 | In Person | CO-05 

Dec 11, 2023 | In Person | CO-07 

Dec 12, 2023 | In Person | NY-03 

Dec 12, 2023 | In Person | AZ-08 

Dec 12, 2023 | In Person | GA-06 

Scheduled: Dec 21, 2023 | In Person | AK-AL 

Support Efforts & Letters 

Call to Action – 12-11-23 WI Senate Election Committee RCV Oppo Campaign – This campaign was directed to the five members on the Wisconsin’s State Senate Committee on Shared Revenue, Elections, and Consumer Protection as they heard testimony for/against SB 528, a ranked choice voting measure. AMAC members in the Badger State sent each committee member over 820 messages to oppose ranked choice voting with most coming on the day of the vote, for a total of over 4,100 messages sent. 

AMAC ActionAcademy 

From The Leadership Institute, you are invited to review their Conservatism 101 course, available online at no cost.  

Quote of the Week 

“… an act of the legislature repugnant to the Constitution is void.” 


~Chief Justice John Marshall – 1803 



Fight to save the America we love! If you’d like to become a volunteer AMAC Action Advocate, please contact us at (855) 809-6976 or [email protected]. 

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Richard Reed
Richard Reed
7 months ago

I am very happy that AMAC is doing this. Daily Kos (a far-left outfit) has had students and others do a very similar thing for some time now, and I am glad that we are, too.

Silhouette of the President of the United States of America Donald Trump while attending a conference
1960s and 2020s; history repeats itself
Helena, Montana / November 3, 2020: Woman election official directing voter where to park and vote, man in vehicle holding ballot, voting from car outside polling station, poll worker
Red - amac action update

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