Advocacy Updates

AMAC Action would not exist were it not for the high level of engagement and support of the AMAC membership – the AMAC Army.

To learn more about AMAC Action please call 855-809-6976 or email [email protected].

Legislative Updates

Coalition of Physician and Patient Advocates Support AMAC’s Helping Everyone Access Long Term healthcare (HEALTH) Act HEALTH Act, H.R. 2986 – Free2Care, a coalition of 34 physician and patient organizations encompassing 70,000 doctors and 8 million members, views the HEALTH Act as strengthening the safety net for a vulnerable segment of society. Click here to learn more

AMAC Supports Tennessee Parental Rights Bill – This bill would fully protect the authority of parents to guide their children’s religious upbringing, education, and medical decisions.  Click here to learn more

AMAC Joins Coalition To Strengthen Private Property Rights – The Restoring America’s Leadership in Innovation Act would strengthen private property rights in one’s inventions and discoveries. Click here to learn more

AMAC Supports Bill To Investigate PBM Business Practices – This legislation requires the Federal Trade Commission to report about anticompetitive practices and other trends within the pharmaceutical supply chain that may impact the cost of prescription drugs.  Click here to learn more

AMAC Joins Coalition To Urge Biden Admin To Oppose Cuts To Medicare Advantage – The Biden administration has already cut $4.7 billion in Medicare advantage funding. Taxpayers and beneficiaries should be concerned that this is the start of a new effort to deliver more cuts to Medicare advantage. Click here to learn more

AMAC Supports Ranked-Choice Voting Ban In Kansas – Consistent with AMAC members’ wishes, AMAC Action went on the record to support banning Ranked-Choice Voting from Kansas’s elections. Click here to learn more

AMAC Supports Another State Bill To Reel In Banking Bias Against Conservatives – Now it’s Tennessee’s turn to attempt to stop banks from using warped policies to deny conservative individuals and organizations access to money and financial services. Click here to learn more

AMAC Supports Anti-Ranked Choice Voting Bill In Iowa – Iowa becomes the latest state to propose banning Ranked-Choice Voting, a complicated voting scheme that skews elections and disenfranchises voters. Click here to learn more

AMAC Supports Mississippi Bill To Prevent Big Bank Bias Against Conservatives – The bill prevents financial institutions from denying access to money or critical financial services due to a person’s or organization’s religious or political beliefs.  Click here to learn more  

 AMAC Supports Ban On Ranked-Choice Voting In Hawaii – AMAC Members Are Clear: They Do Not Want Ranked-Choice Voting Skewing Their Elections; H.B. 1750 Bans It In Hawaii. Click here to learn more

AMAC Supports Bill to Ban RCV in South Carolina Count South Carolina as another state that is working to prevent the confusing and complex ranked-choice voting from corrupting its elections. Click here to learn more

AMAC Supports Anti-RCV Bill in Ohio AMAC members in Ohio have made is very clear that they do not want ranked-choice voting corrupting their elections. Click here to learn more


Advocates in Action

Bob Johnson, Daniel Webster

February 21: Bob Johnson, FL-11 Delegate met with Congressman Daniel Webster.

Topic(s): They spoke about spoke about the H.R. 2986 – Health ActHR 2 – Secure The Border Act and the LNG bill that recently passed.

Left to Right:
Bob Johnson ( FL-11), Congressman Daniel Webster (FL-11)

Doug Ross Speaking

February 17: Doug Ross, FL-24 Delegate.

Topic(s): Doug had the opportunity to speak at the “Rally in Tally” celebrating the 10th anniversary of the signing of the Resolution for an Article V Convention by the Florida Legislature. He spoke about AMAC’s partnership with COS.

March 5: Nikki Colletti, AZ-08 Delegate met with Tamra Farah

Nikki Collette (AZ-08) hosted a Chapter Meeting which featured Tamra Farah, Director at S.M.A.R.T Families Network (Schools for Merit, Academics, Respect, Truth), a division of AZ Women of Action.  

Topic(s): Tamra spoke about shifting the focus back to academic excellence, restoring truth in schools, and protecting kids. Tamra also provided instructions on how to be impactful with cohesive, positive messaging, how to stay engaged with school curriculum & policies, and how to know about and affect your school’s academic performance. She stressed the importance of being an engaged parent, grandparent, and citizen.

Left to Right: Tamra Farah and Nikki Colletti AZ-08

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