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AMAC Action Weekly Advocacy Update: August

Posted on Friday, September 8, 2023
by AMAC Action
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Legislative and Policy Support

S. 1745 and H.R. 3554 – Protecting Veteran Community Care Act

This legislation intends to expand access to care programs of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to include certain veterans seeking mental health or substance-use services. Click to here and here to see AMAC Action’s letters of support.


Meet & Greet

In the 24th district of Texas, AMAC members attended a Meet & Greet with Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne.


Chapter Meeting

AMAC members in CO-07 learned how to restore schools to a non-political, academic focused, safe environment for children. In TX-03, members gathered to learn more about social security, the pending insolvency crisis, and what can be done


All-State Meeting

On Wednesday, California had its third virtual All-State Chapter Meeting! CA-35 Chapter Leader Michael Rogel and Delegate Karen Rogel hosted the event. Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute spoke on First Amendment protections, Eddy Marmolejo from the CA Republican National Hispanic Assembly provided an overview of the Hispanic conservative movement, and Election Integrity Director Catherine Lara of San Bernardino County GOP gave an update on voter integrity efforts in California.


American Conservatism: Concise Guide to Conservatism by Russell Kirk

Chapter 8 – Conservatives and Private Property

Russell Kirk states, “Only men and women have rights. ‘Property,’ as such, enjoys no rights or privileges; for property is not human. What we mean by the phrase ‘property rights’ is really the rights of human beings to possess and acquire property.”

Upon clearheaded reflection, the American conservative remembers that our own representative government stemmed claims of property owners: they had the right be consulted by governing authorities if their property was taxed. Recall the rallying cry, “No taxation without representation!”

Kirk explains that the thinking conservative “values property not merely for its own sake, but even more for the sake of the culture and the high civil order which private property nurtures.” Property rights are ancient and basic human rights. Without being able to secure property, a civilized life and society is not possible. The ability to keep what is one’s own, and hopefully add to it, always comes before members of a culture can enjoy leisure time and the ‘finer things of life,’ such as art, theater, and music. As Kirk correctly notes, all civilizations which are noted for “spiritual and intellectual attainment have been marked by a strong attachment to private property.”

Furthermore, conservatives recognize that if a culture has a healthy respect and protection of private property, collectivistic forces cannot gain ground. Encroachment on the rights of private property ownership erodes the strength of a society to stand against communism and widespread private ownership of property throughout all levels of a civilization is a buffer against oligarchic control. Once private property ownership is abolished, it is nearly impossible for a society to resist falling to tyranny.

Kirk summarizes, “The conservative believes that the private conscience, the courts, and the government should be always vigilant to protect the rights of every person and class. It is not wealth as such that the conservative respects, but the rights of property, large and small.”


Quote of the Week

“Government has three primary functions. It should provide for military defense of the nation. It should enforce contracts between individuals. It should protect citizens from crimes against themselves or their property.”

–   Milton Friedman, American economist and educator, winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics, 1976


August 2023 By the Numbers

AMAC Army of Advocates


12 Calls-to-Action

13 Chapter Meetings

All-State Chapter Meetings Florida on 08/17/2023

30 Political Inquiries Answered by AMAC Action Staff


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