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Tag: government

resist 23

Thinking About “Resist” Bumper Stickers

Hillary Clinton 15

America, Where No One Is Above The Law—-Really??

welfare America jobs act government help 11

Government Help Will Never Be Enough

Trump aims federal bureaucracy executive orders 1

Trump Aims to Rein in Federal Bureaucracy With Two Executive Orders


Guns, Jobs Program, Kavanaugh – Your AMAC Weekly News

Joni Ernst

Ernst Says ‘Forget Area 51, Pentagon Waste Is Out of This World.’ DOD, Congress Get New ‘Squeal Award’

questionably government spending 16

‘The Waste Report’ Details $50 Billion in Questionable Government Spending

vote election process 1

How We Can Safeguard Our Election Process

Canada flag freedom health care 1

So, You Want Canadian Health Care?

warren 2

Warren’s child-care plan fails Economics 101