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Giuliani 19

Rudy Giuliani and a 16th Century Italian Painter Know the Secret to Saving Our Cities

Navy 5

Weingarten Report Ep 11: Wokeness Affecting the US Navy

Cubans 65

Push Back on Cuban Communism – Now!

fraud 77

Fraud by Design – How Democrats Hope to Make Everyone Reliant on Welfare

court 27

Important Supreme Court Win for 1st Amendment Over Cancel Culture

coronavirus 14

AMAC Statement on The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act

Cuban 148

Cuban Uprising Rattles American Socialists; The Cuban People are Fed Up With Being Lackeys for the Communist Oligarchy

Democrats 186

Dems Seek to Supersize IRS

democrats 4

Celebrate ‘Consent Of The Governed’ This Weekend, Then Reject Democrats’ Attempt To Sabotage It

Equality Act 26

The Equality Act Poses a Grave Threat to Religious Liberty