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AMAC Action Weekly Advocacy Update: Inflation

Posted on Friday, April 19, 2024
by AMAC Action
amac action update

April 19, 2024

Chapter Meetings

April 16 Chapter Meeting: KS-04 Delegate Barb Schwerman hosted and Kansas State Representatives Emil Bergquist (District 91), Cyndi Howerton (District 98), and Susan Humphries (District 99) gave a legislative update for the Kansas State House.

April 16 Chapter Meeting: MI-10 Delegate Barbara VanSyckel hosted the meeting. Michigan State Representative Tom Kuhn gave a legislative update and spoke on his experiences as a conservative in a state with the executive and legislative branches controlled by Democrats.

April 18 Chapter Meeting: Alaska-Greater Anchorage Delegate Robert Colter hosted the discussion with author and host of Brave Conversations Leigh Sloan, candidate for Alaska State Senate (District L) Jared Goecker, and Moms for Liberty Anchorage Chair Gabby Ide.


LD 2283 Threatens Mainers’ 2nd Amendment Rights!This California-style plan is to sneak a radical Democrat bill, LD 2283, through at the end of this legislative session, allowing the state to begin identifying, targeting, restricting access to, and formally confiscating guns if someone is viewed as “threatening” via words, social media, or physically. It goes well beyond Maine’s enacted “yellow flag laws,” to create a New Mexico-style “red flag law,” literally forcing Mainers to surrender firearms to law enforcement, as a consequence of a complaint that matches the legislature language. This legislation is irresponsible, unconstitutional, and has no place in Maine. If you live in Maine, contact your state representatives now and tell them to oppose LD 2283!

US CongressStop Non-Citizens from Voting in America’s Elections! The Biden Administration has allowed millions of people to enter the United States illegally and given them a pathway to vote in our elections. This orchestrated effort by the Biden Administration to corrupt our elections and install Democrats as a uniparty must be stopped. Please contact your Congressman or woman today and compel them to stop non-citizens from voting in America’s elections.

Quote of the Week

“Inflation is taxation without legislation.”

– Milton Friedman

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Bruce Symes
Bruce Symes
3 months ago

How do I find out about Kansas chapter meetings? Thank you!

3 months ago

I get the feeling these ‘spot fires’ are covering up something bigger….

Silhouette of the President of the United States of America Donald Trump while attending a conference
1960s and 2020s; history repeats itself
Helena, Montana / November 3, 2020: Woman election official directing voter where to park and vote, man in vehicle holding ballot, voting from car outside polling station, poll worker
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