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May Days Might Be Over, But The Sweepstakes Aren’t!

Posted on Monday, June 10, 2024
by The Association of Mature American Citizens

BOHEMIA, NY, JUNE 10 – Attention AMAC Members: We have a ton of exciting Summer Sweepstakes coming your way!

This summer will be jam-packed with exclusive member-only giveaways that we can’t wait to share with you.

This is our way of saying thank you for allowing us to advocate for our country’s freedoms while offering you our services, as well as money-saving discounts that you can’t get anywhere else. Your loyalty to our organization is helping restore our country!

What Was The May Days Sweepstakes?

In case you missed it; The May Days Sweepstakes was an exclusive, AMAC Members-Only Sweepstakes that lasted throughout the entire month of May. Every day, we gave our members exciting prizes as a token of our gratitude for their loyalty to our country.

How Could Members Enter?

Entry to the May Days Sweepstakes was as easy-peasy as the lemon squeezy you’ll be enjoying this summer!

The only requirement for entry was to be an active AMAC Member. The entry form was even simpler than that. The only information needed was your name, email, and zip code (all of which should be the same as on your AMAC membership account).

Providing this information earned you one entry in the running to be amongst the winners throughout the exciting month of May!

Bonus Entries Improve Those Odds

After the initial entry, participating members were also able to earn BONUS Entries by completing exciting actions.

Playing an AMAC Game, reading a Newsline article, answering survey questions, and signing up for our email newsletters, were all amongst the insatiable list of ways YOU could have increased your odds in the running!

I Entered, But How Do I Know If I Won?

If you participated in the May Days Sweepstakes, you should have received a confirmation email from [email protected] which confirmed your entry in the running.

If you were a lucky winner, you should have received an email from Giftogram [email protected] with the subject line: AMAC Sweepstakes Sent You A Giftogram.

Inside this email was your link to your $$$ prize.

If you have any questions, please refrain from contacting Giftogram or the no-reply email referenced above and instead contact us directly at [email protected]

Here, an AMAC Team Member will work diligently to address your concerns.

Please stay mindful of our business hours 9 AM – 5 PM Eastern Time, if an email is sent outside of this time frame, your response may be delayed.

Go Check To See If You Won!

What’re you waiting for? If you’re an Active Member who entered this exclusive sweepstakes, then go check your inbox to see if you were among the lucky May Winners! You can also check the list of winners below.  

Will There Be More Sweepstakes?

You can bet your beach bum there will be! We will be giving away prizes all summer long. So, make sure your membership doesn’t expire, or else you can’t be in the running!

Keep your eyes peeled on your inbox, too! We will be sharing updates anytime a new sweepstakes is announced.

Good luck, patriots! We wish you the best of luck this summer.

Not signed up to receive AMAC Emails? Click Here!

You can also check the sweepstakes home page daily for all the ways you can win BIG.

Just visit

5/1/24Edward SNY
5/2/24Judith SNC
5/3/24Dawn RMI
5/4/24Mary POR
5/5/24Surrie RFL
5/6/24Wendy GWI
5/7/24Michael WOH
5/8/24William FNV
5/9/24Wesley CMN
5/10/24Marcella VID
5/11/24Andrea PCA
5/12/24Debbie MNC
5/13/24Duane WOH
5/14/24Susan KNY
5/15/24Wanda MAZ
5/16/24Barbara RAZ
5/17/24Michael SLA
5/18/24Becky LMO
5/19/24Randall MMI
5/20/24Lynne PAZ
5/21/24Jacqueline JOH
5/22/24Sherry CAL
5/23/24Clelie BKY
5/24/24John ROH
5/25/24Pamela GGA
5/26/24Christina WGA
5/27/24Cindy GTX
5/28/24Edward SNH
5/29/24Lea JAZ
5/30/24Perry AVA
5/31/24Joanie BNC
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