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AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber Delivers Rousing Speech at The People’s Convention

Posted on Tuesday, June 18, 2024
by The Association of Mature American Citizens

Detroit, Michigan – This past weekend, AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber delivered a rousing speech from the main stage of the 2024 People’s Convention. While highlighting the failures of the Biden administration, Weber also outlined a hopeful vision for the country’s future if the American people return Donald Trump to the White House in 2024.

You can read selected excerpts from her remarks below:

As a mother and grandmother, I am here today on behalf of AMAC because like you

we see how the great American Dream is in peril. It’s becoming further and further out

of reach for all citizens—but especially for our children and grandchildren. It’s going to

take each and every one of us working together to reclaim our freedoms and stop

the Left’s socialist march.

After the last two elections, we know exactly what the Democrats are going to do. They

will use every lever of power to try to rig the system against WE, the people.

That’s why we must turn out in overwhelming numbers and make clear to

the world that the era of Biden corruption is OVER.

Just seven months from now, I have a feeling that many of us will be standing on the

National Mall when we inaugurate the 47th President of the United States Donald J Trump.

This election is a battle between the liberal elites and their godless, anti-American

ideology and the silent majority of our citizens who still believe in a few “old-fashioned” ideas.


We believe that the right to free speech and free exercise of religion applies to ALL Americans— including MAGA conservatives, Christians, Pro-Life advocates, and yes pro-Israel Jewish students on college campuses.

In this country, there should be no safe space for violent temper tantrums by those who sympathize with Hamas Terrorists. Many of these students who hate our country aren’t even American citizens. They don’t belong on our college campuses. The only thing they should get from the United States is a one-way ticket back to their countries of origin!”


As the Left tries to impose radical gender ideology on our kids, we must fearlessly defend the undeniable truth that there are only two genders, boys have no place in girls’ sports or locker rooms, and the so-called gender “affirming” care is in fact child abuse.

To all the gender fanatics out there – if you think mama bears are dangerous, watch out for a whole lot of grandma grizzlies. We may look harmless and cute, but you will wish you didn’t as much as come near our grandkids.


The radical Left wants to fund terrorists, persecute our police, release violent

criminals back on our streets, kill unborn babies, teach our children to hate America

and make them believe that their God-given gender was a mistake. Joe Biden and the liberal elites have done such a good job destroying everything our forefathers built

that China doesn’t need even to invade our shores. The Left is destroying America from within.

As if that isn’t bad enough, Joe Biden has launched the most successful campaign in

history to kill the American Dream.

Bidenomics has been an absolute catastrophe, especially for seniors and young

people. 70 percent of young Americans who want to buy a home can’t afford to do so because of sky-high interest rates—and 60 percent of seniors on Social Security are struggling financially due to record level inflation.

Of course, if Democrats could have it their way, they’ll grant mass amnesty to 20 million

illegal aliens, which will bankrupt Social Security and Medicare overnight.

Security and Medicare overnight.


“Trump is the only man brave enough to take on the powerful forces in Washington and once and for all drain the swamp.

The radical Left is determined to make the people powerless. They want to indoctrinate us into their religion of Marxism, Nihilism, and Atheism. They are allergic to God—and especially to the name of Jesus Christ.

But here is the good news: We know that lies of the left cannot withstand the light of the truth. If we speak out with courage, we will win.

Despite what the extreme Leftists want us to believe, they can’t change the fact that our freedoms do not come from government. As our Founding Fathers knew, our rights are given to us by God alone.

It is for this reason that my father, the late Dan Weber, founded AMAC just 15 years ago. 

An Air Force Veteran and a small business owner from Long Island, at age 64, my father took his retirement savings and said to me, let’s build a conservative alternative to AARP.

We began with just a few hundred members from our hometown. Today, AMAC is more than 2 million strong. And I’m proud to say that at AMAC, we wear our traditional, American values like a badge of honor!

This afternoon, I am grateful to be joined by hundreds of AMAC members from across the country who are here to help us save America. Would you all please stand?

Ronald Reagan often said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. It has to be fought for and defended by each generation.”

Our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents built America into the mightiest defender of freedom in the 20th century.

Just over one week ago, we commemorated the 80th anniversary of D-Day. To the young people here today, sadly the Greatest Generation won’t be with us much longer, but they are leaving a legacy in you—and you must take up their cause and become the next Greatest Generation to make America strong, proud, brave and free.”

For media inquiries please contact Alyssa Lopresti: [email protected], 631-337-0106

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