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AMAC Action Weekly Advocacy Update: Ranked-Choice Voting

Posted on Friday, February 16, 2024
by AMAC Action
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16 February 2024 

February 2024 By the Numbers (to date) 

  •      Number of AMAC Action Army of Advocates: ~ 361,854
  •      21 Political Inquiries Answered by AMAC Action Staff
  •      8 Chapter Meetings held
  •      7 Calls to Action
  •      9 Support Letters Sent


 Chapter Meeting Activity 

ASM = All State Meeting | MTG = Local Area Meeting | CF = Candidate Forum 



ASM | Bill Carson | Virtual | Feb 1 2024 | TX 

ASM | Annette LeBaron | Virtual | Feb 5 2024 | MI 

MTG | Russ Cotton | In Person | Feb 5 2024 | CO-05 

MTG | Nikki Colletti | In Person | Feb 6 2024 | AZ-08, AZ-01 

MTG | Scott Kosteretz | In Person | Feb 12 2024 | WI-05 

ASM | Cheryl Hooper | Virtual | Feb 13 2024 | KY 

ASM | Kerry Reeder | Virtual | Feb 13 2024 | TN 

MTG | Robert Coulter | In Person | Feb 15 2024 | AK-AL 



MTG | Sean Tanner | In Person | Feb 17 2024 | TX-24 

MTG | Gary Henderson | In Person | Feb 20 2024 | GA-06 and GA-05 

MTG | Barb Schwerman | In Person | Feb 20 2024 | KS-04 

ASM | Harry Bishop | Virtual | Feb 20 2024 | FL 

MTG | Sean Tanner | In Person | Feb 20 2024 | TX-24 

MTG | Linda Dimarzo | In Person | Feb 22 2024 | FL-13 

ASM | Ramona Goolsby | Virtual | Feb 22 2024 | NM 

MTG | Liz Veeder | In Person | Feb 22 2024 | CO-07 


Under Review 

118-S.2014 – To ensure that certain members of the Armed Forces who served in female cultural support teams receive proper credit for such service. 

118-S.3262 – Fiscal Stability Act of 2023 

118-H.R.487 – Ensuring American Voters Act of 2023 

118-H.B.5608 – Affordable Care and Comprehensive Economic Support through Savings Act 


Latest Letters 

2024-SC H 4591 – Ranked Choice Voting Ban (South Carolina) 

2024-HI HB 1750 – Relating To Ranked Choice Voting (Hawaii) 

2024-OK HB 3156 – Elections; prohibiting the use of ranked choice voting (Oklahoma) 


Calls-to-Action (Active) 

Campaign | 1-31-2024 – Georgia SB 355 (Anti) Ranked Choice Voting House (Active) 

Campaign | 2-7-2024 – Protect your privacy – Tell your Kentucky State Rep to co-sponsor (HB 45) 


Over 230 messages were sent by AMAC KY members to the state House and within less than 24 hours, 8 state representatives stepped forward to co-sponsor this bill. *AMAC members have now generated ~12 co-sponsors because of this on-going campaign. 


Campaign | 2-12-2024 – Oklahoma HB 3156 Prohibit Ranked Choice Voting 


AMAC’s OK members have sent 289 messages thus far to the state House in support of this bill banning RCV in the state. 


Campaign | 2-13-2024 – Tell Your HI State Senator to Vote NO on RCV (HI SB 401) 


There are 4,400 AMAC members in Hawaii. So far, they’ve sent 75 messages to the state Senate to oppose this bill which would enact RCV for Hawaii’s elections. 


Campaign | 2-13-2024 – Tell Your State Rep to Vote NO on Ranked Choice Voting (VA SB 270) 


So far, AMAC’s VA members have sent nearly 800 messages to the state House to oppose this bill which would authorize RCV in Virginia’s presidential primaries. 


Campaign | 2-13-2024 – Tell Maryland Senators to Support Fairness in Girls Sports Act (MD SB 381) 


AMAC’s Maryland members have sent 330 messages to the 11 members of the state Senate Committee on Education, Energy, and the Environment in support of the Fairness in Girls Sports Act. The bill calls for intramural, junior varsity and varsity sports teams or sports sponsored by certain schools to be expressly designated based on biological sex. Each Committee member has received ~30 messages from Maryland AMAC members. 


Campaign | 2-14-2024 – A Call to Attend Caucus to Kick-off Election Season! (CO) 

It’s time to register for Caucus in Colorado. It is a chance for party voters to get together at the precinct level, to elect precinct leaders, elect delegates to party assemblies, contribute policy ideas for the party platform, and to meet and speak with candidates. 


Caucus is also the first chance to apply to become an Election Judge.  By State statute, all eligible voters indicating their desire to become an Election Judge at Caucus, will be considered for a position before those applying after Caucus. 


 Ranked-Choice Voting Activity Update 

– AMAC Action is currently tracking 25 RCV-related bills in 17 states. 

– We’re also tracking ballot initiatives in 5 states with an eye to activating the membership as the November general election draws near to oppose these initiatives. 

– Support letters for banning RCV have been sent to 5 states. 

– Written testimony in support of banning RCV and opposing the enactment of RCV has been submitted to 5 states. 


 Comments Submitted by AMAC Action 

AMAC Action submitted comments to the House E&C Committee for a hearing it was holding entitled “Legislative Proposals to Support Patients and Caregivers.” We highlighted our HEALTH Act to increase access to quality healthcare for vulnerable populations. We also submitted comments to the New York state Department of Financial Services regarding new rules for pharmacy benefit managers. We acknowledged that the reforms were good and noted that more reform is necessary. We included our PBM white paper detailing the issues that were not addressed with the new regs in NY. 

 AMAC ActionAcademy 

From The Leadership Institute, you are invited to review their Conservatism 101 course, available online at no cost.  


Quote of the Week 


He has undermined public trust through multiple false statements to Congress, obstructed lawful oversight of the Department of Homeland Security, and violated his oath of Office. 


~ Rep. Mike Johnson, Speaker of the House, on the impeachment of Alejandro Mayorkas 



Fight to save the America we love! If you’d like to become a volunteer AMAC Action Delegate and/or Advocate, please contact us at (855) 809-6976 or [email protected]. 

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I admire how the article encourages critical thinking and open dialogue.

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