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AMAC Action Weekly Advocacy Update: SMART Families

Posted on Friday, March 8, 2024
by AMAC Action
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8 March 2024 

Chapter and State Meetings

March 5 Chapter Meeting: AZ-08 Delegate Nikki Colletti hosted and Tamra Farah, Director of SMART Families Network (Schools for Merit, Academics, Respect, & Truth) discussed how we go from sexualization and indoctrination in schools and get back to academic proficiency and preparing the next generation for success, which affects ALL of us!

All-State Meeting: On Wednesday, Pennsylvania had its first virtual All-State Meeting! PA-11 Delegate Valerie Spelman hosted, Congressman Dan Meuser (PA-09) gave a legislative update, and Heather Honey, Election Research Institute Executive Director & Founder of Verity Vote, discussed how to restore confidence in Pennsylvania elections.

March 7 Chapter Meeting: TX-03 Delegate Ellen Leyrer hosted and Rebekah Warwick, the Texas State Director for Heritage Action for America, gave AMAC members a legislative update and discussed priorities for the conservative platform.

Legislative and Policy Support

Conservative Groups Urge Biden Admin to Oppose Cuts to Medicare Advantage – The Biden Administration has already cut $4.7 billion in Medicare Advantage funding. Taxpayers and beneficiaries should be concerned that this is the start of a new effort to deliver my cuts to Medicare Advantage. Click here to see AMAC Action’s letter of support.

AMAC is also supporting a slew of state bills proposing to ban ranked choice voting:

Iowa HF 2610 – A bill for an act relating to the duties of the secretary of state, including the address confidentiality program and the conduct of elections. Click here to see AMAC Action’s letter of support.

Kansas SB 368 – Prohibiting the use of any form of ranked choice voting method for the conduct of elections. Click here to see AMAC Action’s letter of support.

Wisconsin AJR 101 – A bill intended to prohibit ranked choice voting. Click here to see AMAC Action’s letter of support.


Maine Campaign – Uphold the integrity of our state’s electoral system and ensure that the voices of Maine’s voters continue to be heard and respected in national elections. Tell the Maine legislature to oppose national popular vote legislation (ME LD 1578).

Missouri Campaign – Tell your Missouri Senator to support MO SJR 78, a bill that would place an amendment to the Missouri State Constitution on the ballot to ban ranked choice voting (RCV) and non-citizen voting.

US Congress – The Biden Administration has created the perfect storm for the 2024 presidential election. They’ve allowed millions of people to enter the United States illegally and have given them a pathway to vote in our elections. This is why we’re asking you to contact your Congressman or woman and tell them to stop non-citizens from voting in US elections NOW. This orchestrated effort by the Biden Administration to corrupt our elections and install Democrats as a uniparty must be stopped. Please contact your Congressman or woman today and compel them to stop non-citizens from voting in America’s elections.

Maryland Campaign – In an effort to protect biological females in sports, Maryland lawmakers introduced MD SB 381, the Fairness in Girls Sports Act. This bill is now before the Maryland State Senate Education, Energy, and Environment Committee. Tell Maryland senators to support fairness in Girls’ Sports Act.

Virginia Campaign – The Virginia State House is now considering VA SB 270, a bill that would allow ranked choice voting (RCV) in presidential primaries. RCV forces voters to choose multiple candidates, including some for whom they have little information, creating confusion. If voters do not rank all candidates, then their ballot is thrown out, disenfranchising their vote.

Hawaii Campaign – The Hawaii State Senate is currently considering HI SB 401, a bill that would allow ranked choice voting (RCV) in Hawaii’s elections. Ranked choice voting is an unnecessary process that will complicate Hawaii’s elections, obscure the tabulation of votes, and undermine the one-person, one-vote system.

Oklahoma Campaign – Supporting OK HB 3156 is essential for Oklahoma to uphold the principles of clarity, accessibility, and consistency in its electoral system, while also avoiding potential challenges associated with the adoption of ranked choice voting.

Georgia Campaign – Stand for election integrity! Support GA SB 355 to ban ranked choice voting in Georgia. It complicates the electoral process, confuses voters, and undermines the principles that have made our democracy strong.

Action  Academy

The Leadership Institute teaches conservatives how to succeed in politics, government, and the media. “Discover what conservatives fight to conserve,” in Conservative 101, a free course available online to anyone interested!

Two other great (and free!) courses are:

Introduction to School Boards: Foundational Concepts for activists & candidates.

The Citizen Ninja Way: Learn effective strategies and tactics to create lasting change at the local level.

Quote of the Week

“When they want you silent, speak louder.

-Riley Gaines


Fight to save the America we love! If you’d like to become a volunteer AMAC Action Delegate, please contact us at (855) 809-6976 or [email protected].

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Rob citizenship
Rob citizenship
4 months ago

I appreciate this information , it helps to build optimism, hope for better days ahead and it was very good to read about the Leadership Institute activities. I am 73, I do believe that I have heard about the Leadership Institute over the years but I never new that much about it . The idea of an organization for Conservatives called the Leadership Institute is something positive to think about. That Riley Gaines quote – ” When they want you silent speak louder, ” that is a right and proper spirit to have for all of us who care about truth and liberty. Best wishes to all at AMAC Action. Well done with your good work accomplished. I have been a toolmaker since the 1970’s , politically I describe myself as a Reagan Conservative. Have lived about two – thirds of the 73 years in Pennsylvania and there sure is plenty to do here to make much needed improvements. Everything that encourages positive thought is in the spirit of Faith, Family and Freedom . To keep the Nation on the right course I reckon that developing good character , living by a code of conduct and respecting the ideas found in the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights of the Constitution are honorable ,right intentions.

4 months ago

Illegal immigrants should not be counted in the 2020 census for apportioning Congessional districts or any other purpose.

Silhouette of the President of the United States of America Donald Trump while attending a conference
1960s and 2020s; history repeats itself
Helena, Montana / November 3, 2020: Woman election official directing voter where to park and vote, man in vehicle holding ballot, voting from car outside polling station, poll worker
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