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AMAC Action Weekly Advocacy Update – November 17th

Posted on Friday, November 17, 2023
by AMAC Action
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November 2023 By the Numbers (to date) 

  •          Number of AMAC Action Army of Advocates: ~360,701
  •          7 Calls-to-Action & Email campaigns deployed 
  •          12 Chapter Meetings held 
  •          3 Political Inquiries Answered by AMAC Action Staff



(with updates) 

Texas Transactional Gold & Silver Special Session Support Campaign 

So far, approximately 850 messages (updated) have been sent to Governor Abbott asking him to include transactional gold and silver in the next session. This on-going campaign supports a bill that would allow Texans to use modern banking applications to make transactions using silver and gold, thus hedging their finances against inflation and outside threats on the dollar.

Ohio HB 49 Hospital Price Transparency Senate Support Campaign 

This campaign targets the Ohio Senate. This is a follow-up to a targeted campaign launched in April that asked the Ohio House Majority (Republican) Leadership to move this bill through the legislature. Now, we’re asking the Senate to vote YES on this bill for hospital price transparency that would use actual pricing, not cost estimates, so patients can compare real prices for medical services. We’ve been working with Patient Rights Advocates on this bill. So far, over 520 messages have been sent to the Ohio Senate by AMAC members.

Lower Costs, More Transparency Act 

Over 11,810 messages have been sent by AMAC members thus far to the US House of Representatives urging support for the LCMT Act. This bill is still viable, and our advocacy continues to keep the LCMT in Congress’ lexicon with the objective of getting this bill passed later this year. Now that we have a Speaker, the House can get back to work on this legislation. 

Massachusetts Voter ID Petition Email Blast 

A campaign was launched to assist and support an AMAC Action Delegate in gathering signatures to place a Voter ID referendum on the ballot for 2024 in Massachusetts. 

Chapter Meetings 

November 11: Chapter Leader Harry Bishop Speaker: Walt Steiner – President, Lakewood Ranch Republican Club Topic: AMAC Action discussion, schedule of four statewide Chapter Meetings for 2024. A candidate for the FL-16 seat attended the meeting who agreed to attend a Candidate Forum when it is scheduled.  

AMAC ActionAcademy 

From The Leadership Institute, you are invited to review their Conservatism 101 course, available online at no cost.  

Legislation Supported 

H.R.5687 - HSA Modernization Act of 2023 Introduced by Rep. Beth Van Duyne (TX-24). This bill updates and expands access to HSAs, including for veterans and working seniors, thus allowing more people more flexibility and control over their healthcare. 

Quote of the Week 

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” 

~4 USC §4. Pledge of allegiance to the flag; manner of delivery 


Fight to save the America we love! If you’d like to become a volunteer AMAC Action Advocate, please contact us at (855) 809-6976 or [email protected]. 

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20 days ago

Why is nobody talking about the digital dollar that the government is trying to shove down our throat and destroying the dollar. It’s their way of taking our money in banks and in our iras and 401ks

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