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The Battle for America: Charlie Kirk on Conservative Activism, Cultural Decay, and the Restrict Act | EP 207

Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2023
by Rebecca Weber

In this compelling interview, Charlie Kirk, the influential conservative thinker and founder of Turning Point USA, delves into pressing issues facing America today. He explores the growth of conservative activism in high schools and universities, the shocking NCAA scandals involving transgender athletes, and the potential dangers of the proposed Restrict Act. Kirk sheds light on the threats to American values, the challenges facing younger generations, and the importance of preserving free speech. Don’t miss this essential conversation with one of America’s leading conservative voices as he navigates the complexities of modern-day politics and the fight for the nation’s future.

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Cate Ann
Cate Ann
11 months ago

Nothing better than hitting the nail right on the head & drive thru the heart of the matter. Kuddos

ronald reagan
ronald reagan
1 year ago

charlie kirk is an unhinged extremist who spits on republicans like ronald reagan who made this country what it is, hes sold out the gop for extremists like trump and desantis

ronald reagan
ronald reagan
1 year ago

what the us needs is Ronald reagan like polices and not donald trumps garbage, ron reagan was right what he said his father would never have voted for trump

Charlie derp
Charlie derp
1 year ago

this Is what a young Republican looks like?
is that why there are only five of them?

Dennis Corbett
Dennis Corbett
1 year ago

We need the Don back!

In The Way
In The Way
1 year ago

I have read the first 7 comments. I find you are living in the past, oozing out snide remarks, bickering over political party, and one individual seems to continue in all his posts to be working overtime for Satan, helping to tear down America. God sent people here to build America. But Satan hates it. Who are you working for? I don’t call this unity nor helpful. Can you imagine if all that negative energy was put into solution?

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