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Firearms, Freedom, and Fury: The Truth on the Explosive Middle East Crisis | EP 249

Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2023
by Rebecca Weber
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AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber was joined by AMAC National Spokesman Bobby Charles to discuss important topics facing America, and the world today. “Yes, we are in the midst of a major proxy war with Iran,” Charles stated in regards to the unfolding conflict in the Middle East, In discussing the tragic shooting that took place in Maine, Bobby, who resides very close to the area of the tragedy, emphasized the importance of the 2nd Amendment throughout America, but particularly in rural areas where police response times can be long. “The second amendment in action. When danger is seconds away, the police are minutes away,” said Charles. Tune in to hear this hard hitting Better For America podcast episode in its entirety.

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Edward Posuniak
Edward Posuniak
25 days ago

The Chaos in our Nation is here because Washington DC and this Administration are controlled by Satan. Satan is the Master of Chaos, Lies and Deceit which is how our Government operates today. Hence, we are a Police State under this Communist Regime and the corrupted Citizens who allowed this to happen through Corrupt Stolen Elections. If we don’t return to God and Family and a Constitutional Federal Government we will continue live in a Police State run by Communists.

James Roman
James Roman
26 days ago

Mature Citizen.
Get Togethers.
Practice military marching.
In public.
Start a Fad.
No guns needed
One person walking alone.
Is the Delight of Tyrants.
100 citizens marching in unison.
Start a Gad.
Make it a million.

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