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assisted living senior costs price increases 1

Assisted Living and Similar Facilities Need to Restrict Yearly Price Increases, says AMAC

social security-rusty-marry-girlfriend social security benefits benefit increase medicare benefits retiree

Working at 65, So What About Medicare? – Ask Rusty

RX Card pharmacy prescriptions members save

AMAC is Helping Members Save on Prescriptions!

seniors elitist threat republic conservatives sound alarm spending deal FISA spying Clinton funded dossier seniors medical testing AMAC town hall swing steele dossier socialist revolution looming AMAC congress

AMAC Supports the Health Savings for Seniors Act

welfare reform payoff

Welfare Reform’s Payoff

bureaucrat-selling-obamacare-plans-wont-buy insurance

New Insurance Numbers Show the Importance of the Trump Administration’s Health-Care Reforms

medicare repeal kickback 1

Medicare Reform Can No Longer Be Ignored: Warnings From the 2019 Medicare Trustees Report

Medicare for all progressive presidential election

The Costs of Medicare for All Are Rising Already

modern hearing aids world 9

Modern Hearing Aids For a Modern World

Kamala Harris medicare all health care plan 3

Harris Health Plan Would Transition to Socialist ‘Medicare for All’ in 10 Years