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Traveling Solo

Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2024
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
woman holding camera smiling traveling solo

Thinking of taking a trip alone? If so, you’re in good company.

According to NBC News, there’s a new trend happening in travel. There’s a boom in going solo. Per a report shared by The Wall Street Journal, of folks 55 and over, 46% more people traveled without their significant other than in the year prior. It’s also been reported that there is a rise in women traveling solo. Let’s explore some reasons why traveling alone is increasing in popularity for those in relationships.

Here are some key reasons people choose to travel alone without their significant other

  • A partner’s lack of time – For working individuals, free time is often hard to come by. Employees and those who run businesses may be bogged down with work responsibilities. In cases where one spouse works more than the other, the spouse with more free time is increasingly more likely to seek out travel adventures on their own.
  • A partner’s lack of interest – Quite simply, some people love to travel more than others. Couples may have one spouse who adores travel, and another who prefers to stay home. Thus, they may each choose to do as they wish.
  • A partner’s health issues – A person may have some health problems which exclude them from travel. Thus, the “healthy” partner may opt for solo travel.
  • The desire to fulfill one’s personal travel interests – People have varying life interests and dream travel destinations. For example, a woman who hikes and has a non-hiking spouse may choose to venture out solo on a mountain climbing adventure.
  • The search for an independent adventure – Some find solo travel to be more adventurous. It allows them to create their own schedule, see new sites, meet new people, learn new languages, taste new foods, and fully immerse themselves in another culture without distraction.
  • The financial savings – Airfare, hotel stays, tourist sites, and restaurants are expensive. Why pay for two people to go to a destination when only one really wants to go?
  • Freedom and liberation – Many people in relationships cite solo travel as a free and liberating experience. They describe doing what makes them happiest.
  • The enjoyment of solitude – People in relationships sometimes crave alone time. Some relish quiet time at the lake or by the sea. Others may choose to walk the halls of a world-renowned museum or soak in an upbeat city vibe. Regardless of travel choices, being alone gives individuals time to fully enjoy their surroundings and their privacy.
  • Time for reflection – Solo travel can provide time to think, reflect on religion and the meaning of life, soul search, be self-reliant, tap into one’s creativity, and ultimately embrace time to focus on themselves.

Safety first

It is generally well accepted for people who are widowed or divorced to embark on solo travel. Yet, this new trend seems to be on the rise for people in relationships. While traveling solo can be an enjoyable experience for most, it does require advanced preparation for safety reasons. There’s a quote by Zig Ziglar that goes, “Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.” This can be applied to solo travel. For safety, solo travelers are cautioned to thoroughly research their travel destination, vet places they plan to stay, prepare a detailed itinerary to share, and plan for emergencies.

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Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas
28 days ago

Great that many more of us seniors are traveling solo. Okay, but the cruise lines jack up their solo traveler fares as much as 100% – Oceania. The cruise advertising solo cabins jack the fares up – some as much as 75%. Tour companies are also doing much the same.

27 days ago

Safety first! As much as I like to travel, I usually use tour groups! There’s safety in groups!

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