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The H.E.A.L.T.H Act Introduced by Congressman Daniel Webster

Posted on Thursday, May 19, 2022
by AMAC, Alex Ayers

This AMAC supported bill offers healthcare providers a tax deduction for pro-bono health services


Washington: Earlier today, Congressman Daniel Webster (R-FL-11) introduced the Helping Everyone Access Long Term Healthcare (HEALTH) Act. This bill offers a new solution to provide healthcare services to low-income families and has the potential to help Medicaid and CHIP programs save on costs. This legislation allows doctors and other healthcare professionals to provide pro-bono healthcare services to low-income individuals, including children in the CHIP program, in exchange for a simple tax deduction. Participating physicians and medical personnel would receive a tax deduction for the value of the service performed which would significantly reduce the amount of burdensome paperwork associated with the Medicaid system. This bill creates more time in a physician’s busy schedule for them to see new Medicaid patients.

Bob Carlstrom, President of AMAC Action applauded the bill’s introduction, “The healthcare system is struggling right now. Nobody wants to admit it, but Medicaid in particular is not a perfected system. It is confusing and complex, oftentimes not working in the patient’s favor as well as it could. Both doctors and patients need more options when it comes to long-term care and this bill provides exactly that. I believe this bill is a solution that utilizes the natural talents and generosity of doctors across the country. AMAC encourages legislators to co-sponsor this important legislation.”

Despite the efforts of the Affordable Care Act, there remains a significant number of citizens who are without a primary care physician. At the same time, the ballooning costs of Medicaid are exacerbating state and federal budgets. Over 7 million potential patients will be able to benefit from the HEALTH Act.

If enacted, Congressman Webster’s proposal would help millions of individuals receive long-term quality healthcare while saving the government billions of dollars.

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2 years ago

National Health Care has been instituted in many countries with some success. Elderly long term care is still a problem that no one wants to get involved in. And mental health care is a bottomless pit. Health Care can easily consume our entire national budget. So what to do – take the first step. Of course it will be lacking but take the first step and keep moving forward. Chip away at it and in a few decades we’ll have an acceptable product.

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