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On Trump’s Intervention, Pfizer Rolls Back Drug Price Hikes

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Alzheimer’s Can Devastate Healthcare in the U.S., says AMAC

Trump’s New Health Initiative Will Spell Relief for Americans

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Meadows Co-Sponsors Good Samaritan Bill in the House

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Doctors: ‘Middle Men’ Rigging Health Care System


Video: AMAC Town Hall Meeting Addresses the American Health Care System

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Pharma and Healthcare “Middlemen” Focus of Health Care Town Hall Hosted By AMAC

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Alfie Evans and Health Care Tyranny: Yes, It Could Happen Here

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Government Run Healthcare Sentences Another Child to Death in the U.K. Warning Against Death Panels in the U.S.

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New Medicare Cards Will Be Sent To Recipients Between April 2018 to April 2019, says AMAC