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How Democrats’ Obsession with Repealing Trump’s Policies are Hurting America

Posted on Friday, October 15, 2021
by AMAC, Bob Carlstrom

Hours after he was sworn in as President, Joe Biden signed fifteen executive orders, fourteen of which directed executive agencies to reverse policies, rules, and directives enforced by the Trump administration. This was no shock to political observers. However, Biden’s repeated emphasis on un-Trumping the White House, and Washington more generally, did set in motion a multi-faceted effort by a wide array of liberal Democratic bureaucrats, progressive lawmakers, and leftist activists all frothing over their chance to repeal Trump’s policies to the detriment of everyday Americans.

One of the clearest ways Democrats’ obsession with Trump has hurt America is a recent House-passed healthcare bill that will undo many of Trump’s actions on Obamacare, the single largest federal takeover of Americans’ healthcare. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) ’s leftist push for “Medicare for All” would be an extreme overreach of the federal government, forcing states to bow to the federal government, expanding subsidies for private health insurance, and reversing several of Trump’s Obamacare weakening rules, according to POLITICO. 

“The bill provides $100 billion in bailouts for insurance companies at a time when insurers are not paying for elective procedures due to Covid,” Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR), the ranking Republican on the House Energy & Commerce Committee, told POLITICO. “We all want to make premiums more affordable, but all signs indicate insurers do not need a bailout right now,” he said.

“Make no mistake, a vote against this bill is to weaken Americans’ health and financial security during a pandemic,” Speaker Pelosi told her colleagues before the vote. But Americans should make no mistake: this bill has as much to do with Democrats’ obsession with Trump as it does with politics, as the Speaker admitted that it would be a boost to endangered House Democrats, which are increasingly likely to find themselves in the minority after 2022.

In another sweeping piece of legislation pending in Congress, “Democrats hope to unwind many of the tax cuts Republicans enacted under former President Donald Trump as a way to pay for the majority of the $3.5 trillion spending bill currently under consideration in Congress,” NPR reports. President Biden has claimed that this spending bill “costs zero dollars.” And “adds zero dollars to the national debt,” which is preposterously false. 

House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal (D-MA) released the Democrats’ plan as increasing the top corporate tax rate to 26.5%, up from the current rate of 21%, and restoring the top rate to 39.6% for individuals earning more than $400,000 and married couples earning over $450,000. Clearly, raising taxes on American families and small businesses will cost Americans more of their hard-earned income. This is in addition to the rising cost of household goods and services, which, as a direct result of Biden’s policies, have substantially increased the inflation rate, which now sits at 5.4%. There could not be a worse time to raise taxes on the American people but undoing the accomplishments of Trump continues to drive the day for Democrats. 

In today’s Washington, Democrats are so obsessed with Trump and undoing his policies that they don’t care how much money it costs us, how much it adds to the debt, and how much it will hurt Americans’ healthcare freedom. Conservatives beware of continued TDS – Trump derangement syndrome, which months into the Biden Presidency is still raging within the corporate elite and media. 

Bob Carlstrom is President of AMAC Action

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Bill on the Hill
Bill on the Hill
2 years ago

More of the same with these criminal politicians running the show now. The TDS side of it is as strong as ever because every single prediction Trump has made with these crooks in office has come true… More of the same with MSM & Big Tech, they still diss President Trump & cancel him out of social media, i.e. more of the same…
They continue to undo anything with Trump’s name on it & they continue to PUNISH the American people for voting for him…
JRB can no longer go out in public without being jeered & heckled & how does JRB react to this?
” I must be doing something right, 81 million people voted for me, ” right Joe, LOL!
I just paid $2020.30 to top off my propane tank Joe, 1 year ago it would have cost me $1349.00 for those same gallons of fuel…
Food prices are going through the roof now & still rising along with shortages now…
In less than ( 8 ) months, America has from a net exporter of oil to a net importer of oil & America is now begging OPEC nations, along with Iran & Russia for oil as we have already tapped our emergency reserves of oil…
America has been under attack at the southern border since Jan. 20, 2021 & getting worse month to month. Now Joe is importing the Jihadists into this nation by the 1000’s immediately following the Afghanistan surrender, with the full support of the State Department under Antony Blinken, General Lloyd Austin & the woke master himself, General Mark Milley…What a disgraceful bunch of embecile idiots, running this nation into oblivion.
A big shout out to Joe Biden: Let’s Go Brandon, i.e. ” F**K Joe Biden!
The American people have spoken Joe, they want you GONE…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

2 years ago

We all know it wasn’t Biden who wrote all those Executive Orders that he signed on his first day. All he did was sign his name. They were prepared for him. By whom? Obama? George Soros? Someone’s pulling the strings.

2 years ago

This should be a crime to undo President Trump’s executives orders by Biden, who is destroying America. President was Making America Great Again and Biden is destroying America with his Build Back Better crap????

2 years ago

On the news shows the other day everyone was asking “who’s running the country?” It’s Nancy Pelosi! Why can’t you all see this?!! She knew Biden couldn’t and she certainly knows Harris can’t…..and whose next in line the line of succession? Nancy Pelosi! She has power with the press, Big Tech, basically all of government. She had all those executive orders ready before Trump was even sworn into office. Pathetic evil woman!!

2 years ago

If biden left Pres Trumps policies in play, that would be a declaration that Trumps policies were right. Clearly, this is the reason this evil admin will do anything to discredit Pres Trump. Good always “trumps” evil. Tough noogie to you bunch of geriatric misfits!

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