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Obamacare On the Ropes – Choices in Health Coverage Coming Back!


Trump Pulls CAFE’s Teeth

USMCA tax cut

The USMCA Trade Deal is a Big Tax Cut

asylum organized migrant caravans migrants child smugglers force prostitution border 1

New Asylum Rule Aims to Eliminate Bogus Claims

Trump Win Sanctuary Cities

9th Circuit Gives Trump Administration a Win on Sanctuary Cities

rebate rule save patients billions

Rebate Rule Will Save Patients Billions

Trump deregulation add income household

Trump’s Deregulation Will Add $3,100 in Income Per Household, Study Finds

G20 3

Trump’s Path-breaking G20 Was a Major Success – Here is Why

economy 60

America’s Economy Keeps Chugging, As Critics Search in Vain for Recession

Trump administration health care reimbursement arrangements

Trump Administration Expands Options For Health Reimbursement Arrangements