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Tag: Trump

court time panic replacement obamacare judicial Trump nominations Democrats

Democrats Continue to Obstruct Trump’s Judicial Nominations

Mitt Romney Wrong Trump 249

Romney is Embarrassingly Wrong About Trump

work social security benefits millions payments 3

Trump’s New Chief of Staff & Social Security

FBI building flags America USA Comey 109

Former FBI Director Comey’s Bluff Gets Called

BREAKING: Trump Administration Seeks ‘Pro-Life, Pro-Science’ Alternatives to Fetal Tissue Research

collusion Trump spy

Spygate: The True Story of Collusion

obama anti trump gassed pepper sprayed illegals 32

Anti-Trump Narrative Collapses: Obama Gassed, Pepper Sprayed Illegals More Than 500 Times

Democrats Kavanaugh confirmation hearing protests set-up Trump biased judges political

Trump is Right About Biased Judges; Schumer Acknowledges ‘Highly Political’ Rulings

Trump obstruction Comey FBI speech congress criminal justice reform 37

Trump Urges Congress to Approve Major Criminal Justice Reform

avenatti-arrest-domestic-violence 21

Professional Trump Antagonist Arrested for Domestic Violence