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Tag: Democrats

bernie sanders 2

Bernie Sanders Says His $16 Trillion ‘Green New Deal’ Plan Will ‘Pay for Itself’

democrat flag democrats communists nation party 1

Protest Slavery in 1619? Really Democrats??

Senate confirms hearings courts

The Senate Ups Judicial Confirmations Despite Democrats’ Obstruction

Democrats vote health care DNC 6

The Fundamental Divide Revealed in the Democrats’ Debates

stock market

Liberal Groups Fight Trump’s Roaring Stock Market, Even as They Benefit


Mueller Hearings – Interview with AMAC Spokesperson, Robert Charles, on The Bob Frantz Authority

AARP 135

Democratic Candidates Push “Medicare For All” at AARP Forum

Democrats vote health care DNC 93

OPINION: Progressive Democrats Seek to Take Control of the Electorate, Warns AMAC

China President Jinping Xi 47

Democrats Deny True Threat of China Over Their Obsession With Russia

immigration 50

How Can Democratic Presidential Candidates Advocate Immigration Lawlessness?