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impeachment Trump unemployment employed rate white house democrats

In A Blistering Letter, White House Tells Democrats There Will Be No Cooperation With ‘Illegitimate’ Impeachment Inquiry


Biden’s Son, Impeach, Climate – Your AMAC Weekly News

Elizabeth Warren violate law 30

Warren Now Front-Runner — Hold on to Your Wallets

Democrats vote health care DNC 63

Angry Democrats To Americans: Your Votes Mean Nothing

impeachment 6

Ukraine Call, Impeachment Call, and Underlying Issues

ethics deficit 1

America’s Ethics Deficit – Relocating Our North Star

Trump derangement syndrome 172

The Real Reason for Trump Derangement Syndrome

oil derrick crude US leader jones energy independence 1

In the Flash of an Eye, the World’s Oil Supply Was Cut by 5 Percent. The World Needs More Oil, but Green New Deal Dems say no.


Illegal Immigrants, Environment, Harris – Your AMAC Weekly News

left power america radical-house-fair-congressional-oversight 61

Here Are 4 Ways the Left Is Grabbing Power in America