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The Socialists Have a “Wealth Tax,” The Globalists Have a “Global Minimum Tax,” and Democrats Want to Impose Both on the American People

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As Biden Seeks Tax Hikes, Thousands of Private Tax Returns Leaked to Left-Wing Media

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What Do They Want? A Look at the Big Picture Tax Hikes Being Proposed by Democrats


BREAKING: Senate Pushing Back on IRS Leaks

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Biden’s Killer Double Death Tax

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Biden’s Budget Chokes Retirees, Main Street Businesses, and Federal Revenues with Investment Taxes

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What Retirees Could Lose Under a Biden Presidency


Senator Braun & Leader McConnell introduce ‘Don’t Weaponize the IRS’ Act

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AMAC Joins with Coalition to Support Legislation that Repeals Death Tax

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Breaking: Biden’s Tax Hikes Could Mean 60% Effective Rates