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Maximizing Your Tax Refund: Smart Strategies for Financial Health

Posted on Friday, April 26, 2024
by RoseMark Advisors
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The arrival of tax season often heralds the anticipation of tax refunds for many Americans. With the average refund amounting to $3,039 in 2022, it’s tempting to view this windfall as disposable income for leisure pursuits. However, the finance experts at RoseMark Advisors recommend leveraging this opportunity to fortify your financial well-being.

1. Eliminate High-Interest Credit Card Debt

Credit cards notoriously carry high-interest rates, commonly ranging from 12% to 20%, which can quickly increase your outstanding balance. By prioritizing credit card debt repayment, you not only curb financial leakage but also enhance your credit score—a move that delivers immediate financial relief and long-term credit health.

2. Enhance Your Retirement Savings

Once you’ve tackled high-interest debt and secured an emergency fund, allocating your tax refund to retirement savings, such as a Roth IRA or a traditional IRA, is a strategic move. These accounts facilitate tax-free growth, leveraging the power of compound interest to potentially transform a single tax refund into substantial retirement wealth, free from required minimum distributions. The IRS updates the contribution limits annually, so be sure to consult the team at RoseMark Advisors to determine your best strategy.

3. Invest in a 529 Education Savings Plan

For parents with future college students, the astronomical costs of higher education loom large. State-sponsored 529 plans can bolster savings for future educational expenses, allowing up to $10,000 per year, per beneficiary, to apply toward tuition costs. With a variety of investment options, these plans offer flexibility, even if the designated beneficiary opts out of college, although withdrawal penalties may apply. Our financial advisors work with parents and grandparents on creative solutions to ensure maximum savings while considering financial aid eligibility and potential tax savings.

4. Secure Life Insurance

Life insurance transcends its primary function of providing financial security in the event of death. It’s a pivotal instrument in providing financial protection for your loved ones, offering benefits such as covering long-term care expenses while you’re alive, and bestowing financial legacies. Keep in mind, life insurance premiums escalate as you age, making timely acquisition a cost-effective strategy.

By thoughtfully allocating your tax refund to these avenues, you’re not just spending; you’re investing in your financial future and maximizing your money’s potential.

Take control of your financial future with RoseMark Advisors. Let us empower you to make wise choices with your tax refund, safeguarding your financial stability and providing peace of mind. Get started today and speak with one of our financial advisors today by calling 855-467-0847 or clicking the button below!

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Bruce Miller
Bruce Miller
1 month ago

I love AMAC, so keep that in mind as you read my reply….
A tax ‘Refund’ is nothing more than returning to the taxpayer the excess money that was withheld during the year from their income source: employer, Social Security, pension, etc, and sent to the IRS each month.It is not a gift, earnings or other form of income. Now, it could be the result of a refundable tax credit, but that will usually apply too low income households. The advice on a large refund should be to reduce withholdings and quit sending each month to the IRS one’s extra cash to hold onto for them until next year when they ask for it back when they file their return.
One can only contribute to an IRA, Traditional or Roth, from earned income. Most retirees receiving Social Security do not have earned income….they are retired
A 529 plan contribution for a grandchild is a good idea, assuming the retired household can afford it
Life insurance exists to replace lost income if a healthy bread-winner should die unexpectedly. Term life is inexpensive for the young, expensive for seniors.

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