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Clever Ways to Keep New Year’s Resolutions

Posted on Wednesday, January 10, 2024
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
New Year's Resolutions written on chalk board with post it notes

If you struggle with keeping New Year’s resolutions, these tips are for you!

New Year’s resolutions are goal-oriented traditions. Mainly, upon entering a New Year, people promise to make positive changes in their lives. This may involve taking control of their health, becoming more organized, or traveling more often. Unfortunately, as well intentioned as resolutions may be, some are hard to achieve. Don’t lose hope. Here are three clever ways to keep New Year’s resolutions going!

  • Be realistic – In choosing resolutions, goals must be achievable, not impossible. For example, a resolution to visit a new country every month is costly and quite frankly unachievable for most people who work full-time jobs. If you lack travel time and funds, but still seek adventure, discover ways to make travel doable. Plan to explore one new country per year or visit one new museum per month. The more realistic resolutions are, the more achievable they become.
  • Be specific – To hold tight to your resolutions, it’s important to be specific rather than general. Should you wish to take control of your health, as an example, it’s best to further define what it is you hope to change. You may choose to eat better by incorporating one vegetable into each meal or committing to use the treadmill three days a week for a half-hour session. The more specific the plan is regarding things like healthy eating or exercise, the easier your resolutions will be to achieve.
  • Establish a plan – Making resolutions stick is easier with a plan. Should you resolve to get the house more organized in the New Year, pick a starting point and set a plan to get it in motion. For instance, should you wish to declutter your clothes, establish a time and date to try on outfits, pick and choose what to donate, and take the donations to a worthy charity on that same day. Those who struggle with household organizing and get easily overwhelmed should begin with a small plan, such as alphabetizing spices, and then expand. Establishing a plan sets you on the path of success.

Each year people make New Year’s resolutions and have trouble making them stick. If you’re like those who struggle to follow-through, these clever ways to keep New Year’s resolutions are for you. Changes can be complicated, but they don’t have to be. Simply be realistic, be specific, and establish a plan to manifest your desired outcome. Happy New Year!

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