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Low Impact Sports

Posted on Tuesday, August 1, 2023
by Matt Kane
Low Impact Sports

As we age, it is important to pay attention to the seemingly insignificant aspects of our health that can make a major long-term positive impact. One of the ways to maintain good health is to involve oneself in physical activity. Physical limitations can lead to a lack of interest in participating in sports or physical activity as we age, which can eventually lead to problems down the road. However, there are many low impact sports for seniors that won’t add additional stress or strain to one’s physical body. That is because low impact sports are defined as “any movement that is gentle on the joints or can be performed in a fluid motion.”


Low Impact Sport #1: Swimming

Swimming is arguably the most obvious example of a low impact sport seniors can utilize. The main obstacle to swimming regularly is water access. Some areas of the U.S. do not have warm enough temperatures to swim year-round, but in most areas of the country, there are at least a few months a year when you can. says “Water creates two advantages for your body: buoyancy reduces stress on joints and ligaments, and the water creates resistance.” And, an additional bonus is that compared to other low impact sports, being in the water will prevent overheating during the activity.

Low Impact Sport #2: Biking

The biggest advantage of biking is that it is great for cardiovascular health but does not put any stress on joints the way running, or other sports do. Additionally, being comfortable makes us far more likely to continue partaking in an activity. And thankfully, there are many bikes that are built with comfort in mind and accessories that can be added to make rides customized to fit our personal needs.

Low Impact Sport #3: Water Sports

Swimming is great, but it may not be for everyone. However, if swimming is too much for you, that doesn’t mean you have to be excluded from enjoying the great open water. Not only is rowing, kayaking, and canoeing great for your health, it’s also fun! Venturing into natural water is a lot more exciting than using the row machine in your home or local gym. Whether you prefer peaceful and calm bodies of water or rough and exciting ones, there are many options for those willing to partake in these low impact sports.


Physical activity doesn’t have to be a chore or a burden. Finding low impact sports that are fun and rewarding while not putting too much of a physical strain on one’s body is the key to staying engaged in them to help ensure our health is in the best shape it can possibly be long term.

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