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Tag: GOP

GOP Rick Scott senate win Florida 4

GOP Holds Senate Win as Florida Recounts End, Lawsuits Ebb

dismantling-obama-war-coalobama-presidency obama 102

Obama Didn’t Build That!

idiocracy protest left liberal 57

OPINION: On the Road to Idiocracy

republican officials threatened harassed death

14 Times Republican Officials Were Viciously Harassed, Threatened With Death

President Trump GOP supporters 3

Man Arrested for Death Threats Against Supporters of Trump and GOP Congressman

national anthem freedom liberal Washington Governor Democrats 129

Opinion: Are Democrats Bracing For All-Out ‘Internecine Warfare?’

government education billions spending fiscal solution Trump congress 7

3 Major Problems Conservatives Have With the Government Spending Bill

veterans private care growth conservative Scandal budget Democrat Republican capitol House democrats political senators

New Budget Announces Spending Spree

Pelosi speaker Nancy 32

Reasons ‘Speaker Pelosi’ Is a GOP Dream

hillary-clinton-fbi-probe press media 17

FBI Agents Spoke of ‘Pressure’ to Wrap Up Clinton Probe As Trump Surged to GOP Nomination