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Economic History and Theory Show the GOP’S Attack on Last Week’s Biden’s Tax and Spend Proposal was More Than Just a Partisan Maneuver

House 11

GOP U.S. House Prospects Go Up

waters 7

House GOP Leader Says He Will ‘Bring Action’ Against Maxine Waters for ‘Inciting Violence’ if Pelosi Refuses

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Breaking News: Top House Republican Tax Writer to Retire

GOP 89

GOP Primed to Win Governors’ Mansions

Missouri 63

Missouri GOP Stops Left-Wing Takeover in its Tracks

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Prospects Abound for GOP Senate Pickups in 2022 Amid Possible Democrat Overreach

2022 1

The Sun Also Rises – 2022 Elections

Xavier Becerra 2

Xavier Becerra Is a Ruthless Partisan. I Should Know

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Facebook Shuts Down Page for GOP Senate Campaigns Just Before Georgia Runoffs