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Trump Focuses on Peace Over Politics at Summit With Putin

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Trump Asks the Right Question: Where’s the DNC Server? The DNC in Federal Court Said it Decommissioned 140 Servers, Erased 180 Computers and Rebuilt 11 Servers After the Russia Hack.

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Worried about Russia? Then Keep an Eye on Germany’s Former Chancellor

Trump Putin summit peace politics 2

Trump-Putin Summit Shows Why the President is Ahead of the Curve


Three Days in Moscow: Bret Baier’s Gripping Read on Reagan

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Seven Mysterious Preludes to the FBI’s Trump-Russia Probe

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One Year In, The Russia Investigations Keep Leading Back To The Investigators

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The Connection Between Russia and 2 Green Groups Fighting Fracking in US

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Time to Turn Up the Heat on Putin

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Russia, China Eclipse US in Hypersonic Missiles, Prompting Fears