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Tag: Law

minimum wage increase

3 Groups of People Disproportionately Harmed by Minimum Wage Laws

HR 1 For the People Act Local Federal Election law fraud progressive socialist election law house 104

Led By the Progressive Socialist Wing of the Party, Democrats Passed a Bill in the House That, if it Became Law, Would Upend Election Law, says AMAC

democrats failure democratic Trump lawmakers midterms mob 54

Opinion: Did Democrats Elect Trump Tormentors Instead of Lawmakers in the 2018 Midterms?

caravans facts law history truth stopping migrant border children 38

Ground Truth on Stopping Those Caravans – Facts, Law and History

abortion pro life unborn children march 2

Judge Brings End to California Law Requiring Pro-Life Groups to Promote Abortion

Democrats Houston Communists break law government communism law 73

Houston Communists Break the Law by Running as Democrats

Elizabeth Warren office corporate governance 20

Senator Warren’s Bizarro Corporate Governance

FBI justice Comey McCabe law mueller probe collusion 22

FBI Admits to Using Left-Wing Southern Poverty Law Center

tax reform democrats 13

Democrats in Four States File a Misguided Lawsuit against the Tax-Reform Law

border wall 54

Border Patrol Agents Battle Drug and Human Traffickers, While Being Vilified by Activists