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Myth vs. Fact: The Georgia Election Law

Posted on Tuesday, March 30, 2021
by Outside Contributor
Voting Rights

The Left has used the new Georgia election law (SB 202) signed into law last week as a pretext for their election takeover with HR. 1 – leaning heavily on misconceptions, half-truths, and flat-out lies about what was IN the bill to make their case for a massive federal takeover of state election systems. Here are some of the top myths the Left and their media allies have pressed on the Georgia election bill, and the facts that debunk them.

Myth 1: The Georgia election law discourages voting/suppresses votes

FACT: The bill actually preserves or expands ballot access in several important ways: It requires that large precincts with lines more than an hour long take steps like adding voting machines and election personnel for the next election to reduce wait times. It does not change the number of total early voting days, and actually increases the mandatory days of the early weekend voting. Compared to 2020, 134 of the 159 counties will offer more early voting in future elections under the new law. It codifies election drop boxes, which did not exist prior to 2020. Voters can continue to vote absentee with no excuse (unlike states like Delaware, New York, and Connecticut, which require an excuse to vote absentee).


Myth 2: The Georgia law eliminates voting on Sunday to suppress African American votes

FACT: Georgia law was silent on Sunday early voting prior to SB 202, and in 2020 only 16 of the 159 counties offered early voting on Sundays. The new law explicitly provides the option of holding early voting on two Sundays for all localities. It actually increases the mandatory days of early weekend voting across the state.

Myth 3: The Georgia election law suppresses the vote with onerous voter ID requirements

FACT: The law requires a driver’s license or free state ID number, which 97% of registered voters already have. Anyone without a valid ID can easily obtain one for free. The Voter ID requirement replaces the state’s controversial signature match program that led to the disqualification of thousands of votes in 2020. The law’s voter ID requirement for absentee ballots is overwhelmingly popular in Georgia across the board. According to an AJC poll in January, 74% of Georgia voters support it, including 63% of black voters, and 89% of those making under $25K/year – the two groups the Left has expressed the most concern over obtaining appropriate ID.

Myth 4: The bill eliminates drop boxes for absentee voting

FACT: The drop boxes used in the last election did not exist a year ago. They were first utilized in 2020 as a pandemic precaution. This bill makes them an official part of Georgia elections, and they will be available in all 159 counties in Georgia and under supervision to protect against tampering.

Myth 5: The bill lets Republicans throw out county votes they don’t agree with

FACT: The bipartisan State Election Board can do performance reviews of local election supervisors who fail their area’s voters with things like long lines and unfulfilled absentee ballot requests. The board will not overturn election results; the law similarly provides a process to review and ensure officials are technically competent and complying with state laws and regulations. This process requires a high burden of proof over multiple elections, and the State Elections board may only suspend up to four election supervisors at any given time, which guards against using this process to try to influence election outcomes.

Myth 6: The bill bans drinking water for voters while waiting in line

 FACT: Like the countless other states that have very specific laws against electioneering near polling places, Georgia has codified rules preventing political groups from handing out food or water to voters in line as an incentive to vote, but specifically allows poll workers to make water available to anyone who wants it. The law will also directly cut down wait times, meaning refreshment for people waiting in line will be less necessary.

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3 years ago

In the state of Oregon, you can’t buy spray paint without showing id. I don’t see what the issue is and I will be boycotting Delta and Coke due to their management comments for inciting political unrest in Georgia.

J Rea
J Rea
3 years ago

The Georgia law is common sense and protects the integrity of elections. We should stand up to outside pressure from MLB and its commissioner who takes his marching order from Biden and the Big Lie Democrats. I suggest we SEND A MESSAGE. Just don’t go to any games, dont watch ESPN or MLB TV and dont watch the all star game.

Patriot Gal
Patriot Gal
3 years ago

This law does nothing to stop election fraud in GA. All of us who are still fighting this fight in GA understand it well. As long as the Dominion machines exist, mail in ballots, early voting then we will have fraud

Robert Fucci
Robert Fucci
3 years ago

The Georgia voting laws Our Fair and right I support them whole heartedly

2 years ago

As long as computer systems (like Dominion) are used, fraud can happen. We should keep it simple with paper ballots and require IDs. I support states that take an active role in investigating fraud and taking action because the entire process has to be revamped. Sadly, California is completely saturated in corruption and drank the Marxist/Socialistic Kool Aid.

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