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Defending the Police

Posted on Tuesday, October 27, 2020
by AMAC, Andrew Mangione
crime wave led from defunding police

The summer of lawlessness in communities throughout the country has segued into the season of choice. Which do you choose: the radical movement to defund police departments or the rule of law? Organized left-wing violence and chaos, or public safety and the protection of our civil rights?

Forbes magazine reported that as of this writing, 13 other cities have joined Minneapolis in cutting spending for their police departments or reducing officers from their respective forces. City legislators in Austin, Texas, unanimously voted to slash a full one-third ($150 million) from its police budget. Seattle’s city council approved a $3.5 million police budget cut that prompted the resignation of the city’s first Black police chief, Carmen Best. New York and Los Angeles moved quickly after the initial protests over the death of George Floyd began, collectively cutting police funding by $1.15 billion. In northern California, San Francisco approved a massive $120 million cut for the police and sheriff’s departments, while neighboring Oakland joined in with a $14.6 million decrease.

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