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Tag: Seniors

opioid-pills-abuse 55

It’s Not Just The Kids That Are Hit Hard By America’s Opioid Crisis; Abuse Among Seniors Runs Rampant, says AMAC


Survey Suggests AARP Ignores Their Members

senior pressure student debt conservative givers donor 51

Seniors Are Under Pressure to Repay Student Loans, says AMAC

retirement reverse mortgage senior citizens living longer happier 6

We’re Living Longer and Happier in the 21st Century, says AMAC

medicare 30

Three Important Health Services Medicare Won’t Cover

social security 3

What Every Senior Should Know About Social Security

abuse Elder Senior nursing home 29

Nursing Home Abuse Is On The Rise, says AMAC

drug-prices 5

Trump Does it Again – Helps Seniors, Lowers Drug Prices, Rebuffs Congress

business plan franchises save boss old man 3

The Boss Is No Longer The Old Man, Says AMAC

economy-market-confidence-trump stock corporate seniors tax stock market savings retirement 1

New Study: Corporate Stock Repurchases Benefit All Shareholders – Especially Seniors