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Older Americans Becoming Powerful Electoral Force

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When Is a Memory Lapse a Reason To Get Medical Attention?

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President Trump – Helping Seniors with Health Care Innovation

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White House Invites AMAC to Attend the Signing of President Trump’s Executive Order

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Executive Order on Protecting and Improving Medicare for Our Nation’s Seniors

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Assisted Living and Similar Facilities Need to Restrict Yearly Price Increases, says AMAC

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AMAC Supports the Health Savings for Seniors Act

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Forgetting is Normal for Most People as They Age, but Take Precautions if Memory Loss Persists and Interferes With Daily Life, says AMAC

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Eleven Percent of the Homeless Population Was Over 50 years Old in 1990; Today 50% of the Homeless Population is 50 and Older, says AMAC

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AMAC Offers Vacation Time Tips For Seniors