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Tag: Republicans

capitol left power america radical-house-fair-congressional-oversight 300

Republicans Storm Closed Impeachment Proceeding

ethics deficit 1

America’s Ethics Deficit – Relocating Our North Star


Mueller Hearings – Interview with AMAC Spokesperson, Robert Charles, on The Bob Frantz Authority

medicare-for-all 135

Democratic Candidates Push “Medicare For All” at AARP Forum

seniors elitist threat republic conservatives sound alarm spending deal FISA spying Clinton funded dossier seniors medical testing AMAC town hall swing steele dossier socialist revolution looming AMAC congress 166

To Whip Congress Into Shape, Withhold Their Pay

social security act stopgap-first-amendment left conservatives violence federal employees fired cause senate republicans AMAC 2

Senate Republicans Renew Earmark Ban and Make It Permanent

swing states

Just What Is a Swing State?

Gosnell babies media movie fetal tissue research baby abortion born protecting babies 2

House Republicans Ask Democrats to Help Force Vote on Protecting Lives of Babies Born After Abortion

abortion 86

Killer Party: Dems Stand Alone on Infanticide

congress-budget-shutdown 2

Report on Congress – Shutdown or No shutdown?