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Democrats Allow Communists to Infiltrate Their Party Across the Nation

Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2019
by Outside Contributor

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) is infiltrating the Democratic Party across the country. Communists, some openly, some secretly, are working in Democratic campaigns, holding Democratic Party leadership positions, and even running for public office on the Democratic Party ballot line. They also are pushing their policies inside the Democratic Party, to the point where it’s almost impossible to distinguish between the CPUSA and Democratic Party programs. Many comrades work closely with influential congressmembers or U.S. senators.

The CPUSA supports China, Cuba, Venezuela, and the Russian Communist Party—all enemies of the United States. The CPUSA still advocates for the “overthrow of the capitalist class” in the United States, yet the Democrats do absolutely zilch to keep the communists out of their party. CPUSA infiltration of the Democratic Party is widespread—it affects every region where the communists have a significant presence.

Support And Infiltration

In the San Diego area, two CPUSA members, Carl Wood and Emiliana Sparaco, recently ran for the California Democratic Party Central Committee, from Assembly Districts 76 and 80, respectively. Wood, a lifelong communist, aimed to advocate for various progressive measures such as the “Healthy California Act that provides improved Medicare for All, a Living Wage of at least $15/hour, the Green New Deal for a healthy environment with good new jobs in a peace economy, and legislation to promote strong Unions.” His history includes a significant appointment in 1999 by California’s then-Democratic Gov. Gray Davis to the California Public Utilities Commission, where he played a crucial role in mitigating the effects of the state’s deregulation experiment.

Emiliana Sparaco, a former leader of the Young Communist League, made headlines for her trip to Sochi, Russia, in October 2017, as part of a U.S. communist delegation to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, an event keynoted by Vladimir Putin. In 2018, Sparaco was prominently involved in the “Flip the 49th” campaign, contributing to Democrat Mike Levin’s victory in California’s 49th Congressional District.

In Northern California, specifically the Sacramento area, Democratic Rep. Ami Bera, who serves on the House Foreign Relations Committee, has benefitted from communist support in several tightly contested elections. Notably, in 2014, CPUSA members including Juan Lopez, Cassie Lopez, Michelle Kern, Nell Ranta, and Mik Diddams were active in canvassing and phone-banking efforts out of Bera’s campaign headquarters.

Further north in rural Washington state, the communist presence is embodied by Tim and Joyce Wheeler and Tim’s sister Marion “Honeybee” Wheeler Burns, who have been fixtures in the Clallam County Democrats for decades. Their political activities have ranged from campaigning for Barack Obama and U.S. Sen. Patty Murray to local Rep. Derek Kilmer. Tim Wheeler’s role as editor of the CPUSA’s People’s World and his father, Don Wheeler’s espionage for Moscow during World War II, highlight a deep-rooted connection to communism.

In Minnesota, the late Doris and Erwin Marquit, leaders within the local CPUSA, exerted their influence within the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (Minnesota’s Democratic Party affiliate), notably aiding Keith Ellison’s congressional campaigns. Mark Froemke, another Minnesota communist, has maintained strong ties with key Democratic figures such as former Sen. Al Franken and former Gov. Mark Dayton.

Shifting focus to Chicago, CPUSA members like Pepe Lozano have engaged in successful Democratic campaigns, including that of Chuy Garcia for Congress. Abdul-Aziz Hassan’s work for 22nd Ward Alderman Ricardo Munoz, and John Bachtell’s position as a precinct chairman for U.S. Senate candidate Obama, underscore the CPUSA’s involvement in Democratic politics.

In Ohio, Rick Nagin, former CPUSA chairman, has a long history of working within the Democratic Party, contributing to the campaigns of Sherrod Brown and Dennis Kucinich, and holding leadership roles within the Democratic structure at the local level.

St. Louis has seen the CPUSA collaborate with black Democratic candidates through the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, with members like Glenn Burleigh managing Democratic campaigns and Tony Pecinovsky running for St. Louis Alderman as a presumed Democrat.

New York City’s history of communist involvement in Democratic politics dates back to the 1930s, with figures like Dan Margolis coordinating campaigns and advocating for support within the CPUSA for Democratic candidates, including Obama.

Across the Hudson in New Jersey, communists played a role in Ras Baraka’s successful Newark mayoral campaign, reflecting the CPUSA’s broader influence in Democratic politics across the United States.

In Connecticut, the CPUSA boasts close ties with top Democratic officials, evidencing a significant influence within the state’s political landscape, from gubernatorial relationships to congressional collaborations.

Texas illustrates the CPUSA’s active participation in the Democratic Party, with leaders like Gene Lantz and Bernard Sampson deeply involved in political campaigns and holding positions within the party structure, despite the legal restrictions against running for office as a communist.

This comprehensive overview reveals the CPUSA’s strategic integration and influence within the Democratic Party across various states, highlighting a complex relationship that spans decades and encompasses a wide range of political activities.


Millions of grassroots Democrat voters are strongly opposed to communism. Many are descendants of families who fled communism in Eastern Europe, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Cuba. Many lost friends or family fighting communism in Vietnam. Many are Catholic, informed of the evils from communism at an early age by their priests, bishops, and popes. Most would be horrified to know that communists are working openly and secretly at every level of their cherished Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party knows the identities of most of its communist members. The Democrats do more than turn a blind eye; they welcome the revolutionaries into their party. The Democrats have spent the last two years bashing President Donald Trump for having ties to Russia. Yet the Democrats are willing to tolerate pro-China communists actively working within their own party.

By allowing communists to stand for office on their ticket, Democrats are cheating the American voter. By allowing communists to work closely with Democratic congressmembers and senators, they are endangering national security.

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