Our Stance on Key Issues

Critical Race Theory

The Association of Mature American Citizens strongly opposes the Marxist-Lenin based and un-American Critical Race Theory (CRT) intended to spawn resentment, blame, guilt, fear, silence, and ultimately division among Americans. It falsely redefines America’s history as a struggle between ‘oppressors’ (white people) and the ‘oppressed’ (everybody else). It wrongly labels institutions that emerged in majority-white societies as ‘systemically’ or ‘structurally’ racist. It seeks to displace and replace the American Constitution and laws commitment to “individual equal opportunity” with “racial group equity” – a philosophy that only serves to displace those not in that racial grouping.

The CRT is not intended to sensitize and unify Americans, irrespective of ethnic origins or color of skin; it does the opposite. It is being insidiously used by the Left to divide the American people — and to indoctrinate our children in their schools – and thereby create disfunction, hate, and strife of “black Americans” against “white Americans.” CRT is the antithesis of the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King when, in his “I Have a Dream” address he said “…I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” CRT is simply a Leftist “divide and conquer” strategy.

Americans and their states must collectively stand and reject CRT — and not rest until it is stopped

Election Integrity

AMAC supports making sure that every legitimate vote counts, that the integrity of the overall election system is strong, and that the electoral system is not manipulated for partisan purposes. AMAC stands with our members, who are demanding that election integrity be a top priority for states and the federal government. As an organization working to protect and restore American principles, AMAC is fully committed to guarding the most sacred of US traditions, the integrity of our elections, and our precious right to vote. Click here to see how AMAC Action is Advocating for Election Integrity.   

Health Care

AMAC does not support The Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. We believe it should be repealed and replaced.  AMAC believes it is a serious mistake to have the Federal government interfere and dictate how medical care is provided.  AMAC believes competition and choice drive down premiums, and we support options such as short-term plans, healthcare sharing ministries, and the expansion of health savings accounts (HSAs).  AMAC is aggressively trying to eliminate the safe harbor kickback statutory and regulatory protection afforded medical middlemen  from both the drug and hospital supply chains to bring down prescription drug prices.  Medicare should continue as-is with minor improvements, and more competition should be encouraged.  AMAC opposes all Medicare-For-All schemes. Click here to see how AMAC Action is Advocating for Your Health Care

Social Security

AMAC believes Social Security must be preserved and modernized.  We have developed a Social Security Guarantee reform plan that ensures the solvency of Social Security for 75 years without raising taxes and provides for a tiered cost-of-living-adjustment process designed to guarantee annual increases weighted to benefit those with lower incomes. Our plan will prevent the across-the-board cuts to all beneficiaries due to begin in 2034-35, according to Social Security’s Trustees.  Please visit www.amac.us/social-secuirty/ to review the plan in detail. Click here to see how AMAC Action is Advocating for Your Social Security

Veterans Issues

AMAC fully supports all of those who have served and are currently serving the United States in the armed services.  Therefore, we believe all active duty personnel and veterans deserve access to quality health care delivered in the most efficient way possible.  AMAC believes veterans issues should remain a highly visible priority for any administration, and we champion choice and access to mental health services in order to underscore their importance. Click here to see how AMAC Action is Advocating for Our Veterans   


AMAC is pro-life.  We are against abortion in principle and feel it is improper to allow government funding of abortions, except to save the life of the mother. Click here to see how AMAC Action is Advocating for Life

National Debt

The annual budget is out of control and is such that Congress rarely even adopts one.  Congress has lost sight of its responsibility.  If we do not manage our fiscal and financial condition, our nation is put in serious jeopardy.  By continuing to borrow, we are putting a huge burden on our children and grandchildren.  Interest payments alone consume a bigger piece of the pie each year.  This is a sum for which Americans receive no benefit, and it crowds out other priorities.  AMAC supports responsible spending, elimination of wasteful programs, and living within our means as a nation.  AMAC strongly believes there should be a requirement that the federal government establish a budget each year and be held accountable for balancing it. Click here to see how AMAC Action is Advocating to Lower the National Debt

Second Amendment

AMAC supports the Constitution of the United States of America and our Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment.  Exercising the right to keep and bear arms demands the utmost responsibility, but we believe the Second Amendment guarantees our inalienable right to keep and bear arms.  We urge all gun owners and users to be safe and responsible.  Of course, firearms should only be obtained and used legally.  We believe that all gun owners and users should attend courses led by certified instructors to learn the safe and proper use of firearms. Click here to see how AMAC Action is Advocating for the Second Amendment


AMAC strongly believes that American citizens are excessively taxed.  We favor reductions in individual and corporate tax rates.  When corporations are taxed they simply increase the cost of their product or service, or have to cut jobs, and as a result, prices are generally increased.  Click here to see how AMAC Action is Advocating for Lower Taxes.

Illegal Immigration

AMAC believes in sensible immigration reform. We don’t believe in racial profiling or the harassment of legal immigrants.  AMAC supports the legal immigration process, including a requirement to learn the English language.  AMAC does not believe in providing benefits for those who are in the United States illegally, and we support the use of E-Verify by all employers.  AMAC believes that our borders should be strictly guarded and protected. Click here to see how AMAC Action is Advocating for Legal Immigration

Small Business

Small business is the engine at the core of our Nation’s economy and AMAC is committed to helping small business prosper. AMAC Action is committed to cutting egregious taxes and abusive, intrusive regulations and protecting free enterprise in America. Click here to see how AMAC Action is Advocating for Small Businesses

Law Enforcement

Despite what continues to be reported in the mainstream media, there is much support for police across the country. We at AMAC strongly support the rule of law and those selfless, sacrificing members of law enforcement and public safety.  While news programs focused on the riots and violence in Democrat-controlled cities this past summer, the media virtually ignored the activities of groups showing their appreciation for the police and their defense of law and order. Support for the rule of law  and for those men and women officers who enforce law is essential to maintaining public safety and security.  However, advocating for wholesale defunding of police departments is wrong because it serves to put violent criminals in charge and threatens American liberties.   Click here to see how AMAC Action is Advocating for Law Enforcement

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