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Trump Appears Ready to Deliver a Stunning Blow to the Deep State and Democrats

Trump deep state DemocratsAfter two years of being on the defensive as the Deep State and its political allies attempted to undermine and deligitimize his presidency, President Donald Trump now appears ready to strike back. And if recent revelations are an accurate indicator, the fallout for the Deep State and Democrats could be phenomenal.

Late last week, President Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity that he will declassify “everything” related to the FISA warrant applications used to illegally spy on him and his campaign. When Hannity asked President Trump if he planned to remove the classified status from the FISA applications, the president did not miss a beat before simply saying, “yes.” Trump then added, “Everything is going to be declassified and more — much more than what you just mentioned. it will all be declassified.” As to why he waited so long to strike back with this move, Trump said, “I’m glad I waited because I thought that maybe they would obstruct if I did it early and I think I was right. So I’m glad I waited and now the attorney general can take a very strong look at whatever it is.”

This fits very well with another piece of the puzzle that was also revealed recently.

In an appearance on The Ingraham Angel last week, former federal prosecutor Joseph DiGenova — who served as an independent counsel in 1992 investigating then-candidate Bill Clinton — claimed that evidence of a “coup” to oust President Trump is forthcoming and that “there are going to be indictments; there’s going to be grand juries.”

Beginning the segment, Mike Huckabee quotes Bob Woodward — Washington Post investigative journalist of Watergate fame — as saying the CIA’s peddling of the now-nearly-universally discredited Steele “dossier” alleging that Donald Trump is under Kremlin control “was the work of [former CIA Director] John Brennan.” DiGenova responded, “This is pretty simple stuff for career prosecutors like Rudy [Giuliani, personal lawyer for Donald Trump, who also appeared on the show] and myself. It has been evident since day one that there has been a brazen plot to exonerate Hillary Clinton illegally — and then if she lost the election, to frame Donald Trump.”

DiGenova went on to say of the “dossier” that it was “part of that” plot, adding, “It was created by Hillary Clinton. It was created knowingly by John Brennan as part of a scheme to do everything they could to harm Donald Trump.”

He also addressed the part he says former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former FBI Director James Comey, and former FBI lawyer James Baker played in the plot and added that their actions may soon blow up in their faces. Clapper, recall, famously lied under oath and on camera when he denied to Congress that the NSA collects digital and phone records on American citizen. Comey bent over backward to assure that his pre-written report letting Hillary Clinton off the hook played out exactly as intended. And Baker was investigated — but oddly, never charged — for leaking classified information on Trump to the media. “The problem for Brennan and Clapper and Comey and Baker and all of them now,” DiGenova pointed out, “is the FISA Court has already communicated with the Justice Department about its findings.”

John and the Jameses three may soon find themselves crushed under the bloated weight of the crumbling gallows they tried to build for Trump, because DiGenova went on to say, “And their findings are that for more than four years before the election of Donald Trump there was an illegal spying operation going on by FBI contractors, four of them, to steal personal information — electronic information — about Americans and to use it against the Republican Party.”

Addressing the indictments and grand juries he says are coming, DiGenova said, “John Brennan is not going to need one lawyer; He’s going to need five.”

And as the late-night infomercials say, “But wait, there’s more.”

Along with his assertion that “the FISA court has already found” that “the Obama administration, for more than four years before the 2016 election, allowed four contractors working for the FBI to illegally surveil American citizens,” DiGenova added, “By the way, Robert Ray mentioned that there is the Horowitz report [Michael Horowitz is the DOJ Inspector General] coming out in May or possibly early June — there’s another report that everybody has forgotten about involving James Comey alone.” He said that report “will be out in two weeks” and promised, “That report is going to be a bombshell.”

With a possible nod toward a statement by House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) of criminal referrals he was preparing for Attorney General William Barr against some well-known names, DiGenova added, “It is going to open up the investigation on a very high note and there will be criminal referrals in it.” Nunes — while deliberately tipping his mitt to some degree — was close to the vest on whom those referrals would name, but indicated as many as two dozen people involved in “a whole host of topics, most importantly probably lying and misleading Congress.”

If lying to Congress is going to start being taken seriously, James Clapper — Deep State connections notwithstanding — may well need a team of lawyers to match those DiGenova said Brennan will need.

Any way you slice it, the next few weeks look like a rough road for both Deep State operatives and Democrats. And while many may have thought President Trump was crazy to take the constant flogging he has been getting for two years now, he may prove to be crazy like a fox.

Reprinted with permission from - The New American - by C. Mitchell Shaw

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Geof Hoge

Finally! The truth will out. As Hamman built gallows for Mordecai, so the Deep State will suffer the fate they planned for Trump.

Richard Wildhirt

“In an appearance on The Ingraham Angel last week…” I think Laura is an “angel,” but I believe the word is supposed to be “angle.”

I’m so glad to see Mr. President finally fighting back. He has put up with so much crap and taken it on the chin like a man of integrity. Still, you have to stand up for yourself. It’s time to put the Dems in their place and shut them up for good.

Dalya K. Horowitz

Can’t wait to see this happen. So well deserved. Clean the swamp!

General Patton

Declassify everything, lets have an honest transparent government. We certainly did not under the traitor Obama. Follow the rules and prosecute and purge these commies out of our government.

Susan Bond

Don’t forget Nancy P. And all her femi-nazi cohorts. They need to go! Pray that we renew our love for
our Constitution and knowledge of it.
S. Bond

Robert Wiley

I hope & pray that President Trump’s actions will shut all this Bull Crap up & our leaders get a chance to lead like we elected them to do.


It’s about time! President Trump is crazy like a fox. All he is doing is following through with his campaign platform. Now the democrats are scared silly and are cozying up to the President with agreement on the infrastructure issue. Why did the dems wait so long? They thought the Muller report would trap Trump. Now the poop is going to hit the fan for the deep state! Wow! Watch what happens now! I can’t wait to see it all unfold. A lot of people have criticized President Trump for using Twitter. The only reason why he did was he could not get a fair shake from the lame stream media. The next few weeks should be interesting.

Michael cozzi

Trump take then all down


go get the crooks Mr. President


The truth always has a way of presenting itself. Fortunately, for President Trump, it didn’t take decades to be brought forth. The only question, will the Democrats involved be brought to real justice, or given a slap on the wrist?

Irv C

I had all but given up on America and our laws, Constitution, & way of life.
Now the truth may come out and the takeover of America will be stopped. Democrats need to be prosecuted for this disgusting disregard for all Americans.


I hope this is true news. It’s way past time to hold the dirty ones responsible.

Emma C Williams

Hallelujah and praise the Lord Almighty! I pray all this comes to fruition and goes further to include all involved up to and including Obama.


I’m glad Trump will make the democrats eat their own $hit. Long overdue. This is America. The democrats were elected to SERVE AMERICANS. not the other way around.

Rick J.

If there is justice, Robert Mueller will be included in the list of those indited.
Mueller is a real life Traitor who along with a few others on his team deserve some prison time

Stephen Russell

& Declassify UFO & other documents too aside FISA A-Z, shake up Deep State in every corner in DC, NO exceptions

Mike Hess

I hope to Heck he Nails ’em

Franciscus Knarf

Since the ‘PROGRESSIVES’ have taken over the democratic party they have turned into the
“DEMON-crappy Party”!!

Big Al

From what I hear we are finally going to start seeing some of the law and order President I attempted to elect.