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Obama owns Syria crisis 10

Obama Owns the Syria Crisis

FBI's Dossier FBI russia probe agents mueller manafort 7

No Trump-Russia Collusion and There Never Was Any

North Korea USA America Kim Trump 13

North Korea: Trump-Kim Meeting Proves Our President’s Strategy Worked

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The Multi-Billion Dollar Solution – Repeal Safe Harbor

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President Donald J. Trump is Combatting the Opioid Crisis

Ronald Reagan President Oscar 3

Hollywood Pressed to Give Reagan an Honorary Oscar

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Time to Pass President Reagan’s Constitutional Amendment to Allow Prayer in Public Schools

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The Plot Thickens: Grassley-Graham Letter Sheds New Light on Steele Dossier, Nunes Memo

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Cecile Richards is Stepping Down as President of Planned Parenthood

Ronald Reagan President Oscar 24

Hollywood, It’s Time to Give President Reagan His Overdue Honor – Sign the Petition