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Trump deregulation add income household

Trump’s Deregulation Will Add $3,100 in Income Per Household, Study Finds

1968 2

Democrats Must Remember 1968 – Seek Cohesion, Not Sow Chaos


The Election of 2020 – More Candidates Running Than You Think

Trump legal immigration 45

Trump Unveils Major Legal Immigration Reform Proposal

Trump deep state Democrats 130

Trump Appears Ready to Deliver a Stunning Blow to the Deep State and Democrats

coup Trump 139

The Attempted Coup Against Trump

Beto O'Rourke speech 88

“Beto” Says El Paso Is Safe Because of Immigrants and Asylum Seekers

build wall taxpayers save money billions border pentagon 74

Pentagon Finds $12.8 Billion for Border Wall

Trump American Values 27

At CPAC, Trump Defends America’s Values, Condemns Green New Deal

Venezuela Guaidó President Maduro socialism 2

White House Recognizes Guaidó as Venezuela’s Interim President While Demonstrators Protest Maduro