As a member of AMAC, do you support President Trump’s efforts to stop voter fraud?

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1 month ago

You people are in so deep, following and listing to a compulsive liar fraudster, Trump is a lifetime grifting con man buffoon, go ahead and send him all your money, he’ll take your last dollar. I’ve known Trump since he brought his fraud act to Atlantic City in 1985, he loves to fleece suckers so invest in any business he is involved with, it will go bankrupt, enroll your kids in Trump University and donate to the Trump Foundation, choose any of his grifts to give away your money to and take a marker and write “sucker” on your forehead. Lol he has you believing the election was “stolen”, lol, how much money has he made off that campaign. Spend $140,000,000 of taxpayer money playing golf in his four years in office, you poor sobs, still playing you as suckers, that’s what he does.

Julie De Luca
1 year ago

I have a big request to each of you which you can quickly do today. Please copy and print the letter below to the Supreme Court of the United States of America. Sign it!! Put it in an envelope, put a stamp on it and send it today. Then forward this to everyone else you know who believes in our country and our constitution. 75 million letters should show up at the SCOTUS in short order.

Supreme Court of the United States
1 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20543

To the Supreme Court of the United States:

I am by no means a legal or constitutional law scholar. I am writing this as simply an American that loves his country and for all the Good it has done not only for myself and my fellow Americans but for citizens around the world.

You are sitting on the most important Supreme Court in the history of the United States. Your time and place in the history of America is etched in stone, forever. Whether Fate or God himself put you personally in this position is unknown, but I can tell you that your decision regarding the Presidential election of 2020, so clearly fraught with Fraud by the Democrat Party, could have consequences that will undermine our Constitution and determine either the survival or destruction of this great country, and the Liberty we stand for.

This is not hyperbole.
It is a fact.

The basic question before you is whether or not a Presidential election, or any other election, can be determined in advance by a political party using election High Tech Fraud technologies which are provable in practice but whose specific and ultimate effects may be unprovable in results. This should not mean that the bar for judicial remedy be made impossibly high. If you set the bar too high for proof of overturning Fraud to the exact degree needed to overturn an election result, then election Fraud not only can never be stopped but you will effectively be assuring that future elections will be determined by whoever has the best method to rig our elections.

America wants a war of ideas, not of technology. If you set the bar too high for proof of overturning Fraud, you will be giving license to any political party to engage in Fraud, forever, until this country is no more. If this is allowed to occur, our Nation is doomed to tyranny of one party or the other and will no longer be the Republic that you have sworn to protect and defend.

It is understandable that the SCOTUS does not want to overturn the will of the people and determine an election winner. The answer for America is for the SCOTUS not to choose one candidate or the other, but to only assure that this all important election is credible to the half of America that has, if Biden’s “win” is allowed to stand, been disenfranchised more than any other group in American history.

Disenfranchisement is what the Democratic Party has used to eliminate nearly all of the common sense voter restrictions used in democratic countries around the world.

Here is a possible judicial remedy. Without overturning all of the votes and starting over, the SCOTUS can order a Presidential Reelection only in the key Battleground States where Fraud has been proven and is most evident (Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin). This would call for a standardized election process that could and should be federally legislated, or even as an Amendment to our Constitution due to its long term critical importance to the survival of America. The process must involve the lowest of non-hackable technologies using traceable paper ballots with voter Picture IDs and unrestricted Bi Partisan oversight. Like Jury Duty, people could also be called to participate and oversee the election process as part of their Civic Duty, a duty at least as critical as serving on Juries.

It will be difficult to take a stand when the highest court prefers not to be involved, but as defenders of the Constitution, you must be involved. You must not allow election Fraud to destroy our country just as it has in Totalitarian regimes throughout history. If that occurs, there will be no Constitutional protections for the people, let alone a functioning SCOTUS.

I implore you, time is of the essence. You are the people’s last backstop against Tyranny. Please make the right decision for me, my family and my fellow Americans of all political stripes who Love America and our Constitution as I know you do. Hear this case. The people are depending on you to come through for us and all those that came before – and died for our Liberty!


Disenfranchised Citizen Voter

Brian w
1 year ago

The President needs to overturn every rock and not only rock the boat he needs to upend it. If he’s going to have to leave office because of fraud then he needs to do everything in his power as president while he has the power to expose everything he can. And everyone that was involved that he can. The only way this ends is if people are held accountable for their actions. Case in point, when the president made it clear that anyone tearing down a federal statue would face minimum of 10yrs in prison. WOW people stopped tearing down statues. Imagine that!

Debbie Herby
1 year ago

Who are the 644 who think stealing peoples vote is ok as of my vote?

diane kemp
1 year ago

Need to drain the swamp .get honesty back in this country

1 year ago

Dems are history, they destroyed their party and rinos are not far from doing the same thing! a new party is about to come up!! The American Party!!!

Steve S.
1 year ago

Now I see why Biden never really did much campaigning before the election. He knew he was going to win because it was going to be rigged in his favor. All he had to do was stay in hiding and keep his mouth shut. As he starts to say more now that he is the President Elect, I see another reason why he hasn’t said much…HE IS A MORON!!!

1 month ago
Reply to  Steve S.

That’s correct but keep in mind, 81 million people may not have voted for Biden but he assured, every one of them voted against scumbag Trump.

Bob N.
1 year ago

There is so much within the deep state! People need to wake up and realize how much our nation is in jeopardy if Biden/Harris duo are elected. It’s really scary and so many people are just lemmings.

E and M
1 year ago

This was a massive fraud that was helped by some at the CIA and FBI, as well as other out of country players. In other words, the Deep State was behind this. And don’t think that Elections in the recent past were unaffected. The only reason this is coming to light now, is because Trump supporters by the masses came out to vote, which messed up the algorithm in the Dominion software. They had to stop the count and ‘dump’ massive quantities of fraudulent ballots. The other Fraud, is the News Media’s coverup and support of these criminals. Four more years!

Michael Campbell
1 year ago

I don’t think there’s anything more important to the integrity of this Republic than free and fair elections. If you don’t agree with that you should consider living elsewhere!

1 year ago

The fact that #44 Barack Obama can say that Joe Biden won and Americans who voted for President Trump are still racist should alarm and sicken everyone!

1 year ago

Trump/Pence 2020 sleepy joe should already be in Handcuffs! And that thing he chose as his running mate! Politicians who have been in office for 50 years should pack their bags and go away don’t go away mad Just go away!

Kristin j
1 year ago

I am praying that the lawsuits filed by Sydney Powell and her colleagues is reviewed and heard by a bipartisan court. The illegal actions taken by the liberals is an indication of their hate for President Trump taking priority over honesty, morality, and love of country. The states should have their electoral votes removed from the overall total, thorough audits supervised by bipartisan attorneys, &/or all votes that were illegal or counted on Dominion computers after 12 midnight destroyed.
This is a national travesty! These criminals call themselves U.S. citizens?

Pat Page
1 year ago

This election was a complete fraud perpetrated on the citizens of the US. That nothing seems to be stopping this I have to question, why the hell not?

1 year ago

The only reason I could think of as to why we couldn’t have voter ID is the Democrats would never win another election.

Last edited 1 year ago by Dan
Single herblady
1 year ago

Yes for sure I believe this Election was filled with Massive Election & Voter Fraud, getting a Judge to Rule for the Trump Legal Team is a Whole other matter, may come down to State Representatives Voting or the Supreme Court, I know the Supreme court don’t want it. We have no Idea what The new Judge will do, and Roberts he’s more concerned about his IMAGE In The Press Than He is the Rule of Law. The conservative Tree House, sometime News Max, Epoch Times News, Breitbart but he is not so conservative, also Whatfinger does not do news but they collect News reports you can pull up and listen to, America can we Talk Debbie Georgatos really good, Dr. Steve Turley, Rush, sometime PragerU & Dennis Prager. My News sources have really changed over the past 20 years, Stopped Fox National news in 2001, figured if they attack Bush and he was a Washington Elite, The news on there could not be trusted. I did mostly conservative talk Radio, then I got a cell on and went on the internet, got a hot spot used it for my computer, now have internet with a local power company. No Cable not much on t.v.. Social networks are very polarized, only Hate Trump or Voted for Trump, got on MeWe, still on fb but only to do a few post to my site and news sites just so the Media Zombie’s on there see a different perspective. Thought about Parler, not sure if it cost or what, glad I never did twit twit, I’d get tossed the first week. I heard from the Trump Legal Team that Supreme Court Judge Alito is Horrified how easily Americans have given up their Freedoms and allowed local officials & NIH & CDC to convince them to give of their freedoms, he said he figured a case concerning these restrictions on constitutional & God Given Freedoms will make it’s way to his court soon or later. Sounds like he like myself is against these Medical Tyrant’s and The Cure has Become way worse than the Virus.

Edward T Curtis
1 year ago

I wrote this little diatribe in response to blocking things off Face Book just because he doesn’t like the message(s). For me it still holds true for this particular theme.

“What a piece of crap Zuckerberg is. He believes he has the right to censor what many Americans want to see; not because it is profane, not because it is vile, not even because it makes rude comments about a campaign foe! Only because it is the truth and makes Trump look good for doing it. I hope very conservative in the country sees people like him for what they are – little demigods who want to control everyone who disagrees with them, and dump Facebook. The rank and file liberals have no idea what they are supporting. Disarming the people and unbridled improper censorship was the basis for taking control by Hitler. Stalin, Moa Zedong, The Castro Brothers, and even though he didn’t start the communist party in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez certainly used similar tactics to take power and strong arm tactics throughout his years as president.”

1 year ago

Why has no Democrat or liberal gone to jail yet????? This is the time to seriously drain the swamp, especially if the election is stolen from President Trump!!!

Cindy Criteser
1 year ago

There are two things that really concern me about US elections. First, election officials and attorneys general should be prosecuted and removed from office. Second, I fail to understand why the USA cannot create fraud proof ballots and counting machines that will ensure a fair and accurate count. Instead of a signature on the ballot envelop, the voter’s signature need to appear on the ballot itself. Machines should reject and destroy any ballot that is submitted more than one time.

cindy Hatcher
1 year ago

Biden is known for his socialist policies. Harris is a known communist. Isn’t this how Hitler started?

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