Help at the Push of a Button

Getting immediate help when you or your loved one falls or has an emergency can be scary and complicated. It doesn’t have to be. AMAC is happy to now provide member access to LifeStation’s Medical Alert System!

With the push of a button, our trained care specialists quickly assess the situation, alert family members, and deploy first responders when necessary. This all happens within minutes.

Location Targeting: When a fall happens, seconds matter! With LifeStation’s proprietary location technology, we capture and relay the user’s exact location to loved ones and 24/7 emergency services so they can find you quickly.  Our proprietary combination of GPS and WiFi signals deliver pinpoint location accuracy (even indoors) for faster, more precise, reliable service.

Fall Detection: If you have a fall and can’t press your help button, your on the go medical alarm with fall detection can automatically alert our emergency operators and summon assistance.

Introducing the Sidekick Smart Watch

LifeStation’s Sidekick Smart is a custom-designed smartwatch for seniors who need the key benefits of a medical alert system housed in a stylish wearable.  Call for emergency help, track steps, and monitor your heart rate, all in one small device.

Enhanced Location Services: Combines GPS and WiFi signals for pinpoint accurate location of your loved one.

Water Resistant: Wear while showering, washing hands, or watering plants for 24/7 protection.

Heart Rate Monitor: Use the Sidekick Smart to measure heart rate.  Not intended for clinical diagnosis.

Pedometer: Track step count to monitor daily activity and help improve physical well-being

Weather Forecast: Use your Sidekick Smart to check the weather at any time.


Caregiver Tools

We know how important it is keep loved ones and caregivers connected. LifeStation’s integrated technology suite provides user-friendly services to ensure caregivers get the information they need to act:

Alexa Integration – Track your loved one’s real-time location and account information on-demand.

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