Welcome to AMAC’s Medicare Advisory Service

The Better Choice For Medicare
How Would You Like to Get Started?

Welcome to AMAC’s Medicare Advisory Service

The Better Choice For Medicare
How Would You Like to Get Started?

Open Enrollment (October 15 - December 7) 2023
Hours Of Operation​

October 15th (Sunday):

9 AM – 9 PM

October 16th – December 6th:

Monday – Friday: 9 AM – 9 PM

Saturday10 AM – 5 PM

Sunday Closed

December 7th (Thursday):

9 AM – 2 AM 

Why We’re Better for Medicare

Personalized Service

When you call AMAC’s Medicare Advisory Service, you speak with a dedicated advisor that becomes your point of contact each time you call!

More Choices

We offer plan choices from various trusted carriers. Our licensed advisors can help you find the best plan to meet your individual needs.

Your Voice in Washington

We are the ONLY conservative senior organization with representation in Washington. We fight to protect and strengthen your Medicare and Social Security.

Searching For A Medicare Plan That Meets Your Needs?

AMAC’s Medicare Advisory Service is just a call or click away!

Unlike other senior organizations, AMAC offers you more choices when it comes to Medicare plans and coverage.  And our experienced, licensed advisors will take all the time you need to answer questions and be sure you are comfortable with the plan you select.

Personal guidance from caring professionals, PLUS the ability to choose the plan that works for you – these are the reasons why AMAC is better for Medicare! Call to speak to our trusted advisors or click below to schedule a conversation to learn more.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Why High Blood Pressure Is Problematic

What is high blood pressure? High blood pressure is called hypertension. This common condition occurs when the force of the blood pushing on the blood vessel walls is too high. High blood pressure puts people’s health in danger, thus it’s problematic. Per WebMD, a leading source of medical information, people who have...

AMAC offers more Medicare coverage choices from these and other trusted carriers.

AMAC’s Medicare Advisory Service

The Better Choice For Medicare
How Would You Like to Get Started?

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Post ID: 472725
I'd like AMAC to know how much I appreciate being helped by Donna. She always answered my insurance questions professionally, efficiently, and with kindness. What was an overwhelming task for me, sorting out insurance options, Donna handled impartially and with ease. Thank you!
Post ID: 472724
Thanks so much for your help, Megan! It was nice to hear your calm, reassuring voice. The Medicare thing has been a real challenge but I’m more prepared now.
Post ID: 12472
Diana, thank you for being so nice to me, I am so happy that I was able to get you the day that I called to inquire about AMAC. I usually am so nervous to talk on the phone about services, but you made me feel so at ease. You are a treasure for AMAC. God bless you.
Post ID: 12471
I wish to register an unsolicited compliment about the wonderful service Ms. Cameron has delivered to my wife and I. My wife did several weeks' research, contacting various insurance providers and brokers as she approached her 65th birthday in June of 2021. Deanna at AMAC was, without any question, the most helpful, the most knowledgeable, the most informative, and the most professional which my wife encountered ... by a large margin. As I now approach 65 I also contacted Deanna, and found my wife's glowing reports of Deanna's helpfulness, thoroughness, knowledge, and professionalism to be, if anything, understated. Being professionals who value competence, expertise, and performance, my wife and I feel we must give compliments when we receive such wonderful service that goes so far beyond our expectations as to truly be described as "outstanding". We look forward to a long and productive association with AMAC.
-Dr. David R. F.

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