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Tag: Washington


Salute to AMAC in Disorienting Times!

build wall taxpayers save money billions 2

The Wall Will Pay for Itself, and Then Some

Thousands Attend March for Life as Trump, Pence Pledge Support

Pelosi speaker Nancy 72

Pelosi Oversees Attempt to Re-Open Pipeline to Fund Overseas Abortion on First Day

Mitt Romney Wrong Trump 255

Romney is Embarrassingly Wrong About Trump

cop gun killer illegal alien border wall 37

Illegal-Alien Cop Killer Highlights Need for Border Wall

Trump Stand Global religious Freedom Democrats bigotry 10

Envoy Says Trump Willing to ‘Stand Up and Push’ for Global Religious Freedom

single payer health care advocates democrats healthcare health care democrats plan government

Lurching Further Leftward, Democrats to Push Single-Payer Healthcare

small business owner 1

Average Small Business Owner is Over 50, says AMAC

Syria strikes Syrian policy 25

Key Questions Remain Unanswered About Trump’s New Syria Policy