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The Top 4 Issues America Will Face in 2020

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“Decommodifying” Housing and Other Magical Thinking


Commentary: Thanks to Trump, Seven Million Americans Have Quit Food Stamps

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With a Trade Deal With Japan and a Strong U.S. Economy, Where is the Trade Depression the Smoot-Hawley Alarmists Predicted?

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Elites Against Western Civilization

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How China Finally ‘Woke’ America

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Positive Economic Report Generates Negative Headlines – Sorry Folks, No Recession

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Fake News: Marketwatch and Drudge Are Wrong, 500,000 Jobs Not Lost in 2018, the Economy Created 2.2 Million Jobs Last Year

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Pipeline Opposition in Northeast Threatens to Choke Economy, Increase Emissions

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America’s Economy Keeps Chugging, As Critics Search in Vain for Recession