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Tag: Economy

socialism-venezuela-slums-poverty 16

Socialism: The Opiate of the Corrupt and Ignorant


Get Out and Vote; You Can Make the Difference

socialist questions common sense capitalism 1

Socialism Vs. Capitalism: One Clear Winner

trump-fights entitlement programs bankrupt Trump nobel peace prize midterm 29

Promises Kept: A Pre-Midterm Trump Tally

money poverty policy 26

Giving Away Money Won’t End Poverty, but It Will Destroy Something Special About America

China foothold US mainland communist total war Chinese 10

Chinese Subversion of the United States Is Deep and Far Reaching

economy-fed-trump 26

Is the Fed Trying to Kill the Trump Economy?

Mad Maxine Waters Democrats 8

Waters Is Unfit to Serve as Banking Chair

China Chinese espionage FBI investigating military tariffs Trump 12

Trump’s Tariffs Are Biting China

hospice-fraud-medicare money lawmakers liberal cash debt inequality economy congress America balancing books 2

America’s Record-Setting Economy Makes It Boom Time for Workers