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Tag: Economy

senate confirm Trump Manafort progressive congressional Marxist democrats bully administration America fiscal house cards 3

America’s Fiscal House of Cards

2018 strongest economy jobs growth 1

While Not Quite 3 Percent Yet, 2018 Was The Strongest Economy Since 2005 On Growth And Jobs

socialism fear democrats democratic 3

Understanding “Democratic Socialism”

us-truth-economy-growth 19

Ground Truth on US Economy:  Good News Ahead

disability reform good economy 2

This Is the Perfect Time for Disability Reform

socialism-venezuela-slums-poverty 25

Socialism: The Opiate of the Corrupt and Ignorant


Get Out and Vote; You Can Make the Difference

socialist questions common sense capitalism 1

Socialism Vs. Capitalism: One Clear Winner

trump-fights entitlement programs bankrupt Trump nobel peace prize midterm 31

Promises Kept: A Pre-Midterm Trump Tally

money poverty policy migrants extortion 26

Giving Away Money Won’t End Poverty, but It Will Destroy Something Special About America