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Seniors Dealing With Fatigue

Posted on Tuesday, August 1, 2023
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

What’s feeling tired all about?

Fatigue refers to tiredness, lack of energy, or exhaustion. For most people, the feeling of fatigue typically follows extended periods of physical activity or mental exertion. As people age, it is quite possible to experience some physical and/or mental declines which may lead to varying degrees of fatigue or reduced energy levels. However, fatigue is a complex matter and there can be many causes. Since it relates to health and wellbeing, anyone, including seniors dealing with fatigue should see their doctor for medical evaluation.

What’s the cause?

Fatigue can be the result of many different things. For example, it is common for seniors to face sleep related issues such as insomnia or sleep apnea. Not getting enough sleep may contribute to fatigue. Similarly, emotional stress, malnutrition, or medical problems such as infections, strokes, or medical diseases may directly cause fatigue. Additionally, taking certain medications may reduce one’s energy level. Sometimes fatigue can have causes not related to underlying conditions, such as jetlag or eating a large meal. Those cases of feeling tired generally resolve quickly. However, it is especially important for people with chronic or prolonged fatigue to get help. People facing profound fatigue should understand that there is hope. Treatment of health issues or underlying problems may help restore energy or resolve issues of fatigue.

Is the cause always known?

Sometimes causes of fatigue remain unknown. People who are always tired may have chronic fatigue. This condition is known to interfere with daily activities and cause individuals to regularly experience low energy. Though there is no cure, treatments are available. As aforementioned, medications may sometimes be a cause of fatigue. Per Georgetown University, three-quarters of those age 50 to 64 use prescription drugs, compared to 91 percent of those age 80 and older. Thus, the senior population may face side effects from some of those medications, including reduced energy levels. Beta-blockers are commonly prescribed medications in the United States. One common side effect reported by individuals on this type of medication is fatigue. Seniors who suffer from fatigue should review their medication with their doctor to learn if that is the cause. To learn more about medications that can cause fatigue, visit WebMD, a provider of valuable health information.

Isn’t fatigue normal?

It’s normal for people to be tired every so often, especially when they exert themselves physically or mentally. However, sometimes being suddenly or chronically tired can signal that there is a problem with the body. Being consistently tired is a problem that can ultimately interfere with lifestyle and make it hard to do things. Therefore, seniors dealing with fatigue should not hesitate to contact their doctor for evaluation and treatment to resume a healthy and active lifestyle. To learn some healthy ways to maintain energy levels click here

Note: This article is purely informational and is not intended as a medical resource or source of medical advice.

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