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Healthy Ways to Maintain Energy Levels

Posted on Wednesday, August 2, 2023
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

Life is full of choices – and some of them can directly affect our energy levels. Thus, it’s important to find healthy ways to maintain energy levels to live our best lives.

Is there a magic potion to increase energy?

There are tons of pills, powders, and potions on store shelves that claim to help people maintain or increase energy levels. Some may help a little, others not at all. The truth is that there is no single magic potion to increase energy. Unfortunately, many of these products are unregulated by the FDA, may not deliver as promised, or are simply unhealthy for our bodies.

Are energy drinks good for you?

Energy beverages are designed to be consumed to deliver bursts of energy. While most may successfully stimulate alertness, some may also increase blood pressure and heart rate, which may be harmful to the nervous system. So, it’s important to find healthy ways to maintain energy levels.

What is the first thing we should do to address low energy?

If one’s energy level is suddenly low, or chronically low, the first step is to see a medical doctor for evaluation. Having low energy can have insignificant or significant causes which may be hard to determine.

What else can I do?

While it remains best to address issues of fatigue with your doctor, know that there are also some natural ways to boost energy. In fact, things like exercising, sleep management, eating healthy for energy, drinking water, and living well by limiting alcohol and not smoking are some examples.

Is stress a leading cause of low energy?

Stress can directly affect energy, so it’s important to control stress. People often fail to realize that stress consumes time and energy and simply wears folks down. Harvard Health recommends that people address issues related to stress by joining helpful support groups and/or by seeing a qualified therapist to diffuse stress. Also practicing relaxation therapies such as yoga, meditation and tai chi or taking medications if needed are effective tools to help individuals dealing with stress.

It’s important for people who feel their energy levels are off, or are experiencing newfound or prolonged fatigue, to seek medical help to determine and address causes. For information about seniors dealing with fatigue, click here.

Note: This article is purely informational and is not intended as a medical resource or source of medical advice.

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