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Trump Celebrates 75th Birthday


Despite being banned on Twitter, “Happy Birthday Donald Trump” was trending Monday with more than 38,500 tweets as of noon ET.

Coincidentally born on Flag Day, former President Donald Trump celebrated his 75th birthday with well-wishes from his colleagues and supporters Monday.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted:

“Happy birthday, President Donald Trump! Serving alongside you to put America First was an honor. Here’s to never giving up on Making America Great.”

Juanita Broaddrick, one of former President Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct accusers and a past Trump campaign debate guest in 2016, even stayed up to midnight to potentially be American First in wishing Trump happy birthday, tweeting:

“I stayed up till midnight to say…. HAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER, Donald J. Trump. America love you and misses you.”

Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son, tweeted with a picture of his father embracing the American flag, which was denigrated by the social justice and anti-policing movements during his campaigns and presidency:

“Happy Birthday President Trump #HappyBirthday”

Flag day celebrates the American flag, but notably it is not an official federal holiday.

Tea Party Patriots tweeted:

“Our 45th President, Donald J. Trump, turns 75 today! Happy Birthday, Mr. President Flag of United States”

AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, published a lengthy birthday card, signed “The American People.” It began:

“On behalf of the millions of Americans who wish they could personally thank you for everything, you did for our country and the world, Happy Birthday!

“It is a perfect coincidence that the birthday of the most patriotic commander-in-chief in modern history is also Flag Day — the day we commemorate the official adoption of the Stars and Stripes by the United States Congress. No President in our lifetime has sacrificed more or worked harder than you to keep Old Glory flying high and proud over a safe and prosperous country. Thank you, Mr. President, for restoring our national pride, our spirit of patriotism, and, yes, our very identity as Americans.”

The letter added thanks for many of the Trump administration accomplishments, including:

  • “Fight for us, the forgotten men and women of America.”
  • “Ignoring the media pressure and political correctness.”
  • “Taking the American economy to the greatest heights it has ever reached, lifting millions out of poverty, and delivering record low unemployment for African-Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanic Americans.”
  • “Withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord.
  • “Renegotiating NAFTA.”
  • “Taking on Communist China.”
  • “Building the wall and stopping illegal immigration.”
  • “Defending the integrity of our police officers.”
  • “Rebuilding our military.”
  • “Vision and wisdom to create the Space Force.”
  • “Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Israel, wiping out ISIS, and shaking up the Middle East.”
  • “Delivering three conservative Supreme Court justices.”
  • “The COVID vaccines and Operation Warp Speed.”
  • “Punishing statue topplers and honoring American history at Mount Rushmore.”
  • “Being our voice for truth in a world filled with the lies of leftist corporate media organizations, critical race theory activists, and big tech censorship.”
  • “Transferring power back from Washington, D.C. to the American people.”

Trump was the oldest president in U.S. history, until President Joe Biden become the oldest president in history on his inauguration day.

Reprinted with Permission from - Newsmax by - Eric Mack

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J Thompson
1 year ago

I know I am late, but Happy Birthday, President Trump. I will never forget the look on your face the night you won the election. Your face expressed pure humbleness. You stand for all Americans who want to live in a free America. May God protect you and your family.

Mark L
1 year ago

Happy Birthday Mr President!
We really miss you and your style of governing!
You are the BEST PRESIDENT EVER! Can’t wait till you’re back in the White House!!!!!!!
I know that if it wasn’t for Dominion Software and DemocRATS ballot harvesting you would be in the White House and OUR Country would be much better off!
The Biden administration is doing everything in their power to destroy the very values OUR Country was founded on. I hop the Biden family and their accomplices are caught and Court and thrown in jail for good, Harris too because she isn’t worth dog ????

1 year ago

Happy Birthday President Trump,America wants you back. At least I do. I was always amazed at how many leftist dems fought you from exposing the corruption the american people have been exposed to in Washington. The list is long but here are a few names, Obama, Clinton, Biden, Pelosi, Hillary, Harris these are just to name a few. We all know who these people are but the list is to long to contine. I pray to my LORD these people will never succeed in JESUS name amen.

Mark L
1 year ago
Reply to  Pcz

I would love to see a controlled Petition that would allow Americans to legally vote you back to the Presidency!

Michelle Eaton
1 year ago

Happy birthday to the greatest President this country has ever seen we miss you

1 year ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to President Donald Trump. I am praying for you to come back and save our country! May Hod bless you with wisdom and good health for years to come. Sind2fo

1 year ago

It’s amazing if you just put President Trump alongside joeblama in a picture, compare achievements or the energy of actions!
joeblama is a pathetic,failure and a clown show!
Happy 75th President Trump!!!

1 year ago

Happy 75th Birthday, PRESIDENT TRUMP. Your flag still flies proudly with the National Colors.

Cathy Rodriguez
1 year ago

Great job as Commander in Chief, he should still be there. Four more years!!!

1 year ago

Happy Birthday President Trump! You were the best president this country has ever had. It breaks my heart that you are not our president today. I have always voted for you. May God bless you!

Erik Holmes
1 year ago
Reply to  Lilly

He STILL IS THE President, he’s just not currently sitting in the Oval Office. Bidumb and Hairyass are the incompetent current rulers who took over illegally from their big Cheat of the American People, who are being ran by Soros and obama. President Trump WILL BE back in power soon.

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago
Reply to  Erik Holmes

Erik Holmes… I agree with that statement…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

1 year ago
Reply to  Erik Holmes

Im with you all the way. America doesn’t have a President yet. However we will soon. It won’t be the 2 hemriods we have in Washington

1 year ago
Reply to  Lilly

I echo your message!
God Bless President Trump. The greatest president America has had.

Dave Spickerman
1 year ago

Have a blessed birthday Mr. President

1 year ago

Happy Birthday President Trump. We love you.

1 year ago

Donald J Trump was is the best President ever. Happy Birthday We Love You ????.

Dana Davis
1 year ago

best president this country has had

George Washington's Admirer
1 year ago

Happy Birthday President Trump. Thank you for your many fine accomplishments. Thank you for initiating the : ‘National Garden of American Heroes’. Thank you for acknowledging ‘Our Founding Fathers’. You have a wonderful perspective on our nation’s history! Thank You Again!!

Linda Marks
1 year ago

Happy 75th Birthday! You deserve the best! Having you lead our country was an honor!

Reba Coghill
1 year ago

Happy blessed birthday President Trump, see you soon!

1 year ago

Happy Birthday Mr.President ! May our Father in heaven continue to work through you to make One nation under God ,the nation He intended it to be ,You are a truly amazing man ,you were intended for this time ,it hurt s my heart

Brenda Putnam
1 year ago

Wishing America’s best President in my lifetime the very best birthday. God bless and keep you President Trump!!!! 75 years young.

1 year ago

Happy Birthday President Trump. Hope to see you back in the WH the sooner the better!

1 year ago

Happy 75 years young Birthday to Our greatest President Donald Trump! Am frightened for our country without you working to continue to make America great. Every day with Biden and Marxists
changing what you’ve accomplished and continuing to ruin America,,,,it has to stop…even 2022 may
not be soon enough…then he bows to Chinese and Russian leaders and other Dictators, giving them
what they want at our cost as citizens….The Republicans in power aren’t speaking against this strongly enough – only just a few of the strong leaders – we need all of them to take a stand. Now.
Don’t allow these corrupt Democrats to get away with the lies any longer. They were elected by the
people – FIGHT back against them every minute of every day in any way…just as you did, Mr. President. So proud to have been an American while you were representing us….am ashamed now,
even though I’ll never stop loving our country.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sharyn

Agreed! Biden is so filled with hatred for Trump, along with his socialist gang members, all he can think about is destroying the great work Trump did. Of course, this is the plan. To destroy America and build back much worse.

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