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Impeachment, GOP Witnesses, More Libs? – Your AMAC Weekly News

President Trump delivers promise health care transparency 2

President Trump Delivers on Promise to Increase Health Care Transparency

greatest presidents 3

Donald J. Trump: One of America’s Greatest Presidents?


Commentary: Thanks to Trump, Seven Million Americans Have Quit Food Stamps


Democrats’ Star Witness Ambassador George Kent Admits Ukraine, Burisma are Corrupt and Needed to be Investigated

Trump Adam Schiff 1

House Republicans Say Even Dems’ Impeachment Witnesses Supported Trump’s View of Corruption in Ukraine


Whistleblower, Epstein Story, Mexico Murders – Your AMAC Weekly News

impeachment 57

Impeachment flops as Ambassador Sondland says he ‘presumed’ Ukrainian military assistance was ‘likely’ being conditioned, but nobody told him it was

george soros 16

George Soros Backs Elizabeth Warren as ‘Most Qualified to Be President’, Vows to Stop Trump

Trump Energy Shale 2

Trump’s Energy Victory Lap