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The Plot Thickens: Grassley-Graham Letter Sheds New Light on Steele Dossier, Nunes Memo

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5 Things The FBI Never Told The FISA Court About The Trump Dossier

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Monumental Nunes Memo Released – Read the Full Text

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Report: Clinton’s Faith Adviser Harassed More Young Women At PAC

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FBI Agents Spoke of ‘Pressure’ to Wrap Up Clinton Probe As Trump Surged to GOP Nomination

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Time to Give Clinton’s Server Technician the Mueller Treatment

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GOP Lawmakers Press for Investigation of FBI’s ‘Special Treatment’ of Hillary Clinton Probe

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Terry McAuliffe And Tony Rodham Sued Over Green Card Investment ‘Scam’

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The Real Russia Scandal the Media Is Ignoring

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Democrats Lose Their Minds Over Brazile’s Tell-All DNC Memoir