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Four Scary Facts – Where We Are

republicThe US Constitution protects Americans against government suppression of free speech, especially “matters of public concern.” In a self-governing republic, election integrity, processes, outcomes, and public corruption must be discussed – trust depends on it.  Four scary facts define where America is right now.  Here they are.

First, the 2020 presidential election sits uneasily with Americans. Those who voted Biden-Harris do not feel the outcome is honored; those who voted Trump-Pence question 2020 novelties and anomalies, including overdependence on mail-in ballots.  If done, they worry about the future.

Easy to see where hard feelings come from. Ideological stakes were – and are – high.  One side pushes more centralized control over states, small businesses, and individual liberties (e.g., limits on speech, worship, assembly, travel, self-defense, and privacy), rolled back border security, police, and military, high spending on COVID, redistribution of wealth (e.g., higher taxes), race relations, fossil fuels, abortion (including late term), and reconnection with Iran and China.

The other side is a mirror image – less government, more deference to states, small businesses, individual liberties, border protection, police funding, military readiness, concern over federal debt, spending, and higher taxes, reopening the economy, getting kids back to school, turning off riots, opposing abortion, and holding international bad actors accountable via sanctions.

Clear is the ideological rift.  In 2020, it created a hyper-partisan contest, “all or nothing.”  Rather than a national conversation, America fractured along ideological lines.  The depth of this fissure, a chasm on ideas, is dangerous.  Free speech – if allowed – helps us get beyond it.

Second, preoccupation with personality.  Danger two is how one personality – Donald Trump – dominated the cycle.  From Washington and Lincoln to FDR and Reagan, Americans view politics through their leader; we hear a message but see a candidate.  Donald Trump is an outsized personality, whether you like or hate him.  That, by itself, is fine.

The problem is that this cycle – going back four years – was all about him.  Those who thrill to less government, reduced regulation and taxes, strong borders, police, military, moral compass, and patriotism saw in Trump a moral leader.  His style was different, voice authentic. Those who oppose such things made him the moral villain.  Therein lies the problem.  When we demonize – or lionize – we start to slip.  Our Republic rests on laws, objectivity, reason, history, rights, and national security – not emotions, devotion to personalities, or preoccupation with venality.

What happened was demonization of an American leader, producing an equal and opposite, predictable defense of that leader.  The mistake goes on today, as wild-eyed Democrats now push unconstitutional use of a removal penalty – impeachment – against a leader they detest.  When politics gets this crazy, we are putting our judgment – and our nation – at risk.

Third, foreign adversaries are limbering up.  China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and Islamic terrorists see these divisions, self-doubt, and impeachment as weakness. They are leaning forward, historically hostile, dangerous, and opportunistic.  They are not stupid.  They lean for a reason.  China sees America distracted, eyes Hong Kong and Taiwan.  Russia eyes Eastern Europe.  Iran wants nuclear weapons, no more sanctions.  North Korea aims to push us.

The fourth threat is biggest, comes from within – social media.  Leading social media platforms – fed by government contracts, protected from civil liability, operational monopolists, unabashedly Democrat-affiliated, are claiming a right to blunt free speech.

Forget 2020.  Look ahead.  Using Saul Alinsky-like “corporate jujitsu,” they assert a right to shut down conservative voices based on “corporate” free speech.  It is brilliant, bamboozling, and dangerous to any self-governing republic. Why?  If government can suppress speech under corporate cover, something Orwell did not think of, they end corrective, rights-defending opposition, and our two-party government. It happens all over the world, just not in America.

Finally, those who doubt this is happening should examine January 2021 social media policies.  They are shocking.  Lofted as “civic integrity,” public forums block talk of “elections” – that ultimate “matter of public concern” for a free-thinking, trust-centered republic.

They pledge to block talk of “elections” and “civic processes” if content “may mislead people,” present “false information,” mention voter “identification or citizenship requirements,” “cause confusion about … laws, regulations, procedures, and methods of a civic process, or … actions of officials,” relate to “votes not being counted,” “claims about police or law enforcement,” “long lines, equipment problems, or other disruptions,” offer comments that “undermine public confidence,” mention “faith in the process,” “election rigging, ballot tampering, vote tallying, or certification of election results… outcome of a civic process.”  So, going forward, discussing election integrity, processes, outcomes, public corruption is now blacked out.

Two cappers from Marxist Repression 101 – users are invited to inform on neighbors, and repression is justified on “ethical” grounds, saying “any attempts to undermine the integrity of our service is antithetical to …freedom of expression.”  In other words, government-protected social media can suppress speech – to protect it.  Sound scary?  That is where we are at.

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2 years ago

I would add our indebtedness and the whispers of the Great Reset.
Wipe the state clean and start over with a new global currency. After all, we’ve totally trashed our dollar value as the main trading currency.
Yes, many of us have talked about this and reached out to our elected officials to get back to balanced budgets, but they continue with this.
I remember reading from different sources that one of the last things of takeover by the Marxist communist Revolutionaries is to strip the treasury or the treasures of a nation. As Russia was given large amounts of our nuclear mining, China seems to have a handle over the rare earth minerals.
We were energy independent, and expanding our ‘All of the Above’ energy development. This was bringing in the fiscal resources to help the economy, decrease the indebted spending insanity, and prevent rouge countries from pinching all economies with monopoly over fuel costs. It’s no doubt the Biden administration has a bent against our fossil fuel economy. The pain that’s ahead is self-inflicted once again, and truly stupid when we have nothing to replace the loss of energy for our once growing economy.
It’s a for sure way to bring our country down, and it’s just stupid in my opinion.
What do you think?

Ken L S
2 years ago

This has been nothing but a drama movie. It beats anything I could possibly have thought our country would allow such. I sincerely want “Nancy the Queen “impeached”, gotten rid of by what ever it takes. She is the one who set up the damage that was done to cause the riots, mobs, destruction of people, places and things. She pretty much thinks she is in control, and in reality, she is. All that happened before the election was pre-planned by her wickedness and forceful ways to get her way whatever she has to do to get it. Trump is a Christian and is not one to try to hide it. He did amazing wonders with the help of the Lord he serves. It is a disgrace to us who are honest folks, minds our own business, hard workers, etc. We can not let our what use to United States be so UNDIVIDED States. It will fall apart just like where it is headed.

Ed J
2 years ago

Regarding the 2020 election, most of us President Trump supporters feel the election was rigged and that Biden did not honestly win. There is a documentary put together by Michael J. Lindell called Absolute Proof which chronicles the extensive tampering with our 2020 election by both domestic and foreign interests. It can be accessed at michaeljlindell(dot)com for downloading. The evidence is pervasive and overwhelming. Hopefully all of this will eventually come out into public view, despite the Demsheviks trying to suppress and bury this and anything else about election fraud.

2 years ago
Reply to  Ed J

If only the Supreme Court would agree to watch this documentary, it might put a different light on things. I don’t understand WHY they won’t consider it. So frustrating!!

2 years ago

Monitoring and suppressing speech, telling citizens what to think and what to say is shocking. How should we respond and what should we do about it? The answer was vote. That does not seem to be the answer. The hypocrisy and double standard is so distressing. The problem is obvious. There does not seem to be an answer.

Harry J Welsh
2 years ago

Very good article and right on the money. One riot in the Capital and the city is occupied with troops. Last summer when the use of troops was called for it was thought to be too harsh a response. The pandemic, which was foisted upon us by China and destroyed a President. Was the perfect excuse to end up with one party rule and that party also has support from the means of communication organizations. We are heading in the wrong direction. I fear we will be wearing masks for a very long time, how else can we be kept under the thumb of Government?

Murf Appling
2 years ago

Very thoughtful perspective. Fascinating: 2016-19 – unprecedented economic growth across every
social/cultural arena N the Nation, prudent “Reaganistic Deregulation”, adherence to the Constitutional Principal of “Limited Government”, a “rascal” (Andrew Jackson, Harry Truman) as the Chief Magistrate, our “ideological” enemies held @ bay & America decides to “change horses N the middle of a race!” Very disappointing to encounter even one ??? regarding “election violations” &
such an incident draws very little legal inquiry, ie the sworn testimony of the citizens of Michigan before their own elected, fellow citizens.

2 years ago

Very astute article. Methinks too many Americans fail to realize the precarious road we are traveling toward bondage. At the present rate, one more generation should complete the cycle Alexander Tytler describes in his scenario of what I like to refer to as his circle of bondage. In that scenario he describes the transition from bondage to freedom and back to bondage. It happens in eight stages with apathy and dependency being the last two before going back into bondage. As I see it, we have passed through apathy and are now entering dependence. The next phase is back to bondage. I have to say that I’m thankful that I’m in my sunset years, and likely won’t still be here to experience the transition back to bondage, but methinks it’s inevitable in one more generation.

Peggy S
2 years ago

Great Article! I hope the people of this country wake up but I am afraid they won’t. The younger generation doesn’t take time to see what is happening and the leftist professors in our colleges are only allowing them to think one way. If you disagree with their opinion you will pay the price. I have seen this in my own family. When corporations are allowed to take away Freedom of Speech we are in trouble and the Democrats are allowing this to happen. I didn’t always like how President Trump reacted to things but he did what he promised to do and he brought this country back and made us safer and the Biden administration is undoing all the good that he did. The Democrats will do whatever they can to buy votes such as allowing undocumented immigrants to vote and opening the borders for more people to come in. We are turning into a Socialist Communist Country. It has always been written that a country will destroy itself from within. God help us!

Charlene O
2 years ago

First, we are no longer a Constitutional Republic. That changed in 1871. Washington DC is a 10 square mile corporation, dedicated to enslaving us. Please do the research. Second, why not try to present a solution to the problem, help to open the eyes of those who are willing to just accept this coup. Promoting fear simply hastens our demise. ‘We The People’ need to get off our backsides, do our due diligence and reclaim our country before it’s too late. Not a partisan issue. This is still the United States of America.

2 years ago

You nailed it. Forgot, though, the Left are self-righteous people thinking extremely highly of themselves and behave like fools. They are clay pots., easily cracked up.

John Rosser
2 years ago

Great article.

Mr & Mrs Corban Tabler
2 years ago

We have a problem with our AMAC emails. Italics do not show up on our emails, thus leaving GAPS in many articles. Any suggestions? ct

2 years ago

try google chrome engine, instead of internet explorer

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago
Reply to  Barbara

Or DuckDuckGo.

Brian Cavanagh
2 years ago

Also from Marxist 101, constant unrelenting attack on everything American. We see this everywhere in commercials, tv sitcoms, and movies. Even our popular novelists can’t publish a novel without several subtle jabs at American traditions. Constant criticism of American values and institutions – families and marriage, religion this is all encouraged by our Marxist universities. Unfortunately our professors fail to teach, or may not know, that Marx was a boil covered alcoholic freeloader who could not support his family, many of whom took their lives. Socialism also killed more than 140,000,000 souls in the past 100 years. This is where millions of our fellow Americans think they want to go.

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago
Reply to  Brian Cavanagh

I’ve noticed we no longer see any more reporting on Venezuela and what is happening to this once-thriving capitalist country. Once the socialists took over the country collapsed into poverty almost overnight. I guess the MSM here doesn’t want anyone to see what happens when you adopt socialism or communism as your way of life.

2 years ago

Mr. Charles,
Your article is an excellent explanation of the current climate and yes, scary to think its occuring in America.
We the people must commit to changing this perilous balance in 2022.
A grass roots information campaign, by connecting person to person, and reaffirming what our Conservative and free America must be.
Communication,that strengthens our bonds to one anothter,and the freedoms we hold dear.
A united and clear vision through the misinformation and demeaning cancel culture of the socialist left democrats.
Social media platforms will be censored, because they fear exposure of their failures and unconstitutional actions.
Their goal is transforming America to a Country that clearly is NOT supported by most Citizens!
This attempt to ignore,bypass and shove anti american policies and rhetoric down Citizens throats.
They are not interested in a discussion of ideas ,and what’s best for America.
I’m praying that the uncompromising, shut up and like it approach ,may serve to embolden and fortify Conservative voices and bring a freedom response that is unanticipated.
Not too long ago America had enough ,from this same party and monumental change of Congress occured.
Time to repeat that good part of history, not this democrat attempt at worldwide failed socialism.

James Gardner
2 years ago
Reply to  Garye

Now more than ever, we need real leadership from our political and moral leaders. Where is the Supreme Court? Where is the Republican Party? Where is the Catholic or Mormon Church? Most of us have been too busy to really get involved. We’ve let Pres Trump do all the heavy lifting. Get off your backsides and start standing up for your beliefs before it’s too late! Minimize your use of Facebook or Twitter. Boycott the NFL or NBA. Support local merchants instead of Walmart or McDonalds. More inconvenient, soo what? Get ours schools open or find alternative choices that support our values. We are now engaged in a second American Civil War. This war is for the soul of America and the World. The choice is ours to begin making. “If we don’t hang together we will surely hang separately.”

John D. Beach
2 years ago

As with all laws which govern behavior, the “guarantees” of the Constitution are only as good as obedience to them. Litigation needs to happen for all violations of those guaranteed rights, especially, when those violations are committed by government.

2 years ago

I boil the above issues down to simply this.

“As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.”
― Andrew Carnegie

47 years of empty “saying” vs 4 years of promises kept “doing” and “saying” was often “lying”.

David P Nelson
2 years ago

If the true Conservative Americans can’t ‘fix’ this mess, I’m afraid our Country is doomed.
…very sad.

2 years ago
Reply to  David P Nelson

Only God can fix us now. Wait patiently upon Him with full faithfulness and trust no matter what. The Almighty is always on time.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jill

Amen. America needs revival.

CJ Peters
2 years ago

I do so agree with #2, they hated Trump. It’s their “hatred,” not the actions of Trump himself, (however flawed or fallible) that they use to justify their cause.

#3 Foreign adversaries is one meager paragraph! Charles writes that they aren’t as big a threat as we are to ourselves, wow.

Paragraph #4 is almost prophetic: “Repression is justified on ethical grounds.” My God, What? It’s not our speech, our belief in traditional values, our behavior or even our actions that justifies their suppression, it’s their hatred that is the means that justifies their end.

Dennis Prager insists that the left is destroying America. They’re not destroying America, they’re destroying life. This is really happening people…

Marc Ziegler
2 years ago

I agree on the most part, America is in trouble. The second point, however, I somewhat disagree with, “Danger two is how one personality – Donald Trump – dominated the cycle”. We are on the most part intelligent, moral people and know what we want in a leader, (about 77 million of us), as long as we are told the truth. I believe that Trump is a reflection of what most people wanted in a leader, someone who tell us what we want to here and then does it. Trump was not a politician and that is what made the left wing democrat’s and Deep State go so crazy. Trump would not go along so he had to go!!

The biggest problem for America is how to curtail the “Administrative State” or as we commonly call the Deep State from getting larger and totally taking over. Now the Administrative State, I feel is more powerful then Congress, Executive and Judiciary Branches combined. These are the bureaucrats that stay in office seemingly forever, unelected and have more power as a collective then any single person or entity. Case in point, when Trump ordered that all classified documents pertaining to Obama Gate to be released the Justice Department has slow walked the documents. As of today very few documents have been released. If the President can be ignored what else could they get away with?? Wake up America!! MZ

2 years ago
Reply to  Marc Ziegler

So well said. Trump did things he said he was going to do. We must look like laughing stock to other countries. Scary. This Impeachment crap is so ridiculous. Like we have so many other problems that are so much more important for us to deal with. Since the democrats got their person in the white house and he stopped construction of the pipeline and he wants to deal with sanction situation with Iran we are going to pay so dearly for oil that we were self sufficient for. Does that show care and concern for the people? definately not. I’m afraid we will be in for more raising taxes and putting burdens on us tax payers. People on fixed incomes are barely making ends meet and there will be more. Then they will see the choice was not the best, Trump was wonderful didn’t always talk the best but he was working for the people.

2 years ago

The first causalities in a totalitarian take over are–
1-Freedom of Speech.
2-Right to bear arms.
3-Freedom of information.
4-Right to assemble.
5-Rights of a child in the womb.

Because of the proven impurities in the 2020 election Joe Biden will never be accepted as the legitimate president of the Republic. There is so much information out there and more coming every day as the court cases concerning voting irregularities are decided in favor of Republicans.

The Biden Crime Family is not the title of a book. The in your face treatment of Hunter Biden by the press and the Democrats casual involvement in Joe Biden’s connections with China and Ukraine becomes more of an irritant as the Democrats race further and further to the left and jobs disappear.

Norbert l Schreiner Sr
2 years ago
Reply to  Grace

It’s a sad affair! New Zealand sounds better all the time!

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