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Tag: Constitution

capitol last solution convention 14

History of the Article V Convention

census liberals 7

Census Must Abide Constitution – Asking Citizenship Key

us-truth-economy-growth 19

Ground Truth on US Economy:  Good News Ahead

supreme court list conservatives Gorsuch Trump travel legal SCOTUS Kavanaugh confirmed 17

Kavanaugh Likely to be Confirmed as Associate Justice Kennedy’s Successor on the Supreme Court, says AMAC

Lincoln mob justice Waters American spirit 14

Remembering the American Spirit: Who We Are and Why it Matters

fighting-terror-constitution convention states movement 112

The Convention of States Movement

FBI building flags America USA Comey

The FBI Shouldn’t Be Above the Law Either

gun constitution second amendment students guns 54

High-school Students Stage Walkout to Support the Second Amendment

happy Constitution day celebration read republic 3

The Misunderstood Constitution

free-speech-joke-sensitivity first amendment college students 26

Over-Sensitivity Leading to Desensitizing