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Stop Executive Order Mania

Posted on Wednesday, February 3, 2021
by AMAC, Robert B. Charles

In the first nine days of his presidency, Joe Biden has issued 25 executive orders, eight presidential memoranda, one each of presidential determinations, proclamations, orders, notices, sequestration notices, and national security memoranda – for a running total of 39 presidential actions, four per day. At this rate, he will have issued 5,840 by end of term. 

Excessive is one word.  Anti-democratic is another.  As the New York Times, a liberal cheerleader, noted: “This is no way to make law … These directives … are a flawed substitute for legislation.”  Executive action is “not meant to serve as an end run around the will of Congress.”  More, “by design, such actions are more limited in what they can achieve than legislation, and presidents who overreach invite intervention by the courts.”  See,

True, but the paper should have gone further, as legal scholars know.  Executive action cannot “make law,” just direct executive agencies on implementing statutes, consistent with our Constitution.  Even then, executive action can overstep – if it upends legal or equitable principles, including reliance on existing laws – or exceeds Article 2, section 1, clause 1 of the Constitution.

Accordingly, when President Harry Truman used executive action to seize private steel mills during the Korean War, the Supreme Court rebuffed him.  Neither a strike nor national security justified seizure.

Today, we face an onslaught of executive action.  I would say “flurry,” except we are in a “blizzard.”  Some actions are superficial and sanctimonious – like glibly condemning prejudice against “Asian Americans and Pacific Islander,” conclusory and pandering – others more serious, like opening US borders to illegal entrants, halting criminal deportations, ending relationships with Mexico to protect US sovereignty, bringing major oil production, transshipment, and energy independence to a halt, thus ending thousands of US jobs and shocking Canada.

Biden has signed so many orders in so few days, triggering public and private lawsuits, most Americans have no idea what he has done – or what it means. 

What it means is that we have a White House willing to disrespect American civic tradition, legislative process, and established limits on executive authority.  They have opted to bypass the tedious but necessary process of “making laws” through negotiations, buy-in, and winning over critics.  They have intentionally interpreted the Constitution to award powers they do not have.

To be specific, President Biden has pushed actions with no attempt at legislative coordination or constitutional justification, including actions aiming to:

Beyond these EOs, Biden issued others, from expansion of Obamacare (unnumbered EO) to pushing abortion funding “at home and abroad” (unnumbered “presidential memoranda”), “preserving and fortifying DACA” (an Obama EO that federal courts prevented Trump from managing via EO) to revising US housing, tribal, regulatory, and immigration policies.

Breathtaking in scope, audacity, and constitutional usurpation, these orders – with dozens of others – are executive action of a type and quantity not seen in decades, even in wartime.  

While subject to judicial review and reversal – one has already been reversed – a broader issue is afoot, executive hubris.  The Supreme Court – and most Americans – do not go for that sort of thing, rash presidential action aimed at taking rights, killing jobs, issuing mandates, and flouting established practice. See,

The US Supreme Court recognized limits on executive power in Youngstown, Justice Hugo Black holding that “[i]n the framework of our Constitution, the President’s power to see that the laws are faithfully executed refutes the idea that he is to be a lawmaker.”  No president can “make” laws. So bold and belligerent are different. Eager and illegal are different. Constitutional and unconstitutional are different. See,

The Biden White House should take note.  The Courts will, and American People are. If the New York Times is grousing, you can bet much of America is. Time to review the Constitution, listen to America, and stop runaway executive orders.  

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2 years ago

Where “IS” law and Order in Our Government???? I ask all of US. How could a Leader of the House stand behind an Elected President and TEAR UP his address to Congress???? Why is it OK for Maxine Waters to Encourage Democrats to be hateful and “get in their face” inciting discord? Okay, How about the most horrible, Obnoxious video that Michigan Representative Cynthia A. Johnson, Encouraged Violence toward Conservatives????? THESE are Elected Officials how have an Obligation to represent their people who elected them. NOT ACT on their OWN.

2 years ago

Dems, enjoy your new leadership

Marie Langley
Marie Langley
2 years ago

Is that all he knows how to do is sign his name to any piece of paper they put in front of him? He probably doesn’t even know what he’s signing. You can almost see the strings hanging from his shoulders as they manipulate him. In an interview before the election he said himself that there has to be agreement or all it is is a dictatorship. He said it himself then turns around and does the very thing he spoke about. He’s such a phony and a liar. He’s had 47 years of experience lying to the American public, why should it stop now? Leopards don’t change their spots. Thank you to the dumb Demoncrats who voted for this regime! You reap what you sow.

Joyce Gibson
Joyce Gibson
2 years ago

Biden has got to stop issuing Executive Orders. He is acting like a dictator. He has only been in power for 3 weeks, but I am so frightened with what he has done (with Obama’s help).

2 years ago

Quid Pro Joe Xiden & Son should have been in prison 4 years ago!

The DOJ/☭IA/FBI/DHS/S☭OTUS and ☭ongress are all complicit in enabling and protecting ‘Deep State’ election fraud that put this traitor in power.

Dan W.
Dan W.
2 years ago

And this is just sloppy policy making which can be overturned four years from now with the stroke of a pen.

Biden needs a lesson in Civics 101. Congress is the legislative branch not the President. How do we know if we have a do-nothing Congress if we don’t give them something to try to do ?

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